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Original door hardware for home and office - what to choose?

Łukasz Studnicki
07 of December '20

Home and office door hardware can be classic or original. An interesting range of products is made available by the Polish brand Wala, which has been in business since 1980. Its range includes many original designs that perfectly combine quality, high technology, functionality and modern design.

Door hardware maintained in original design, is a way to meet the expectations of demanding investors - private and corporate. Those who want to furnish a fashionable and functional residential or commercial interior will certainly be interested in the PA-F and QA-F collections. These are lines that correspond to current market trends, available in three colors to choose from. They have a carefully crafted cut, which makes them tastefully emphasize the line of the door and stand out against its background. The large selection of door hardware guarantees the freedom to create beautiful and original interiors.

Original door hardware for the home and office


Magnetic handles for glass panes - a hit on the market

Glazing in homes or offices is no longer just windows or partitions, but also doors. You need reliable magnetic handles for them, which in WALA's offer are available in two versions: H4 and H5. The former are traditional, but appear in a modern version, while the latter have an elegant cutout in the handle and draw attention with their elegance. Customers can opt for glass door handles in different widths and colors - all to perfectly finish their interiors.

Handles with sign and fingerprint readers

Modern office or industrial buildings are often finished with aluminum doors. Handles with a signboard of small thickness are suitable for their operation. Models H4 and H5 perfectly match the modern style of door profiles and are an elegant addition to them. At the same time, they are comfortable to use.

Original door hardware for the home and office


To improve security on your premises, bet on reliable access control systems. Fingerprint readers placed in door caps are discreet, yet highly effective. No unauthorized person will cross the thresholds of your office or archive.

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