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Powder coatings - aesthetic and ecological protection in architecture

01 of July '20

Powder coatings in sustainable architecture
From the series "Modern façade and wall materials - 2020 trends."

Responsible architecture takes a conscious approach to design, reduces the negative impact of buildings on the environment by using appropriate materials and optimizing energy consumption (heating, air conditioning, operation), aims to reduce energy consumption and increase quality of life, and uses specially designed materials. Powder coatings play an important role in sustainable architecture and design, as they can be used to coat basically most metal components of buildings: blinds, shutters, shades, aluminum frames, woodwork, facades, panels.

The Weston Tower,
Westminster Abbey © AKZONOBEL | INTERPON

The Weston Tower, Westminster Abbey
The £23 million building has 500 windows made of lead. Each window frame is protected with powder coatings from Interpon


Application of protective powder coatings

Our paints have all the required certifications (ISO, EPD, supporting LEED and BREEAM accreditation), and meet the architectural requirements for each resistance and environmental class (Qualicoat, BS, GSB, AAMA). These paints are ideal for use in the design of small architecture around buildings, as well as in the furnishings of office buildings (railings, balustrades, elevators, furniture, fences, furnishings for offices, bathrooms, living areas, lighting systems, household appliances). The range of applications is very diverse.

Powder paints for special tasks

In addition to their protective and aesthetic functions, the paints are also designed functionally: They can reduce temperature by reflecting infrared (UHI leveling - ETRENITY paints), prevent the proliferation of microbes ( Interpon D AM silver ions), facilitate maintenance in the desired condition(EasyClean AntiGraffiti), prevent scratching of the surface during processing or installation on the construction site(X-PRO), increase light reflection in lighting (REFLEX).

Textures and colors of powder coating finishes

Paints are available in many gloss levels(dead matte, matte, satin, gloss), finish variants(special effects, rough sandblasting, velvet, smooth, fine and coarse textures, anodes, metallics with varying degrees of "sparkle"). Special collections such as FUTURA are prepared in conjunction with Peclers Paris, taking into account upcoming color trends. One of the shades from this collection - Noir 2100 Sable - was painted the Varso Tower building in Warsaw.

Budynek Varso Tower
w Warszawie, farba z kolekcji FUTURA w odcieniu Noir 2100 Sable © AKZONOBEL | INTERPON

Varso Tower building in Warsaw painted with paint from the FUTURA collection in the trendy shade Noir 2100 Sable


We also offer active and barrier powder primers for architectural paints. BIM (Polantis/AkzoNobel) models are available.

Powder coatings in small architecture applications

For coating accompanying landscaping and furniture, the same collections and technologies we mentioned above can be used, nevertheless the offer for elements inside buildings (fixtures, lighting) is definitely wider, due to the fact that polyesters can be used here, but also blends (having, for example, better resistance to cleaning agents). The choice of collections is huge - we have about 16 thousand different finishes, and there is also the possibility to prepare powder paint according to the specifications of designers and architects.

An AkzoNobel DesignApp application has been designed for your use - allowing you to search for products by technology, application, certification or of course - color. Technical information about the products is also available through the app. Pattern books, sample panels or catalogs with paint collections are available on request. We also encourage you to contact our specification department dedicated to designers, architects, as well as coating contractors, we help you to pass comfortably and quickly through the meanders of the abundance of available solutions.

For more information, visit the company's AkzoNobel Powder Coatings page on the A&B portal.

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