5 ways to organize your interior in Modern Oriental style

13 of February '24

How to arrange an interior in the Modern Oriental style? What exactly is this style? We present 5 things that are necessary when creating such an interior.

Styl Modern Oriental łączy kulturę Bliskiego Wschodu z nowoczesnymi wnętrzami

Modern Oriental style combines the culture of the Far East with modern interiors

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Modern Oriental — sometimes also called Asian, this style combines elements of Far Eastern culture and design with a modern approach to interior design. Modern Oriental style interiors draw on the rich symbolism of Asian cultures, placing them in a contemporary context.

The color of happiness

The Chinese believe that red brings good luck. It is also a symbol of courage and loyalty. So don't forget to incorporate this color into your decor. From deep burgundy to ruby and scarlet. You can do it, for example, using a traditional lantern.

Czerwone lampiony to tradycyjny chiński symbol

Red lanterns are a traditional Chinese symbol

Photo by Henry Co © UNSPLASH

With respect for nature

The use of natural materials is absolutely key in this style. Opt for wood, bamboo, wicker and rattan. When it comes to accessories choose stone, ceramic and silk.

Meble z drewna i rattanu to idealny wybór do wnętrza w stylu Modern Oriental

Furniture made of wood and rattan is an ideal choice for the Modern Oriental style interior

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Rest in Zen style

Taking inspiration from Zen philosophy, create a space that is conducive to tranquility and meditation. Limit the chaos, keep things tidy and create a place to relax.

Wnętrze w stylu Zen będzie idealnym miejscem do relaksu

A Zen-style interior will be the perfect place to relax

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Asian culture is full of symbolism. Special meanings are given to for example animals, objects and weather phenomena. One of the important symbols is the dragon. According to Chinese beliefs, it travels between dimensions. Moreover, its image is supposed to bring us good luck. So look for decorations with this motif and incorporate them into your interior. You can also choose white and blue porcelain or a traditional fan. A wallpaper with a motif of cranes, which according to the Japanese bring hope, will also work great.

Tapeta z motywem żurawi będzie doskonałą ozdobą wnętrza w stylu Modern Oriental

Wallpaper with a motif of cranes will be an excellent decoration for an interior in Modern Oriental style

Photo: Tom Kurek © Ambience.Interior Design

Less is more

Oriental furniture is simple. It often refers to the culture of eating meals while sitting on the floor. So choose geometric shapes for your furniture. Opt for low, platform beds, minimalist tables and chairs as well as cabinets with simple lines.

Postaw na proste, niskie meble

Opt for simple, low furniture

Photo by Daniel Chen © UNSPLASH

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