Increase the concentration of natural ions in your home

07 of January '22

Baumit Ionit - breathe fresh air!

While it may seem unbelievable, we spend up to 90% of our time indoors. Experts are sounding the alarm, as the quality of the air we breathe can be up to several times more polluted than outside. But rest assured! Baumit has developed a functional Baumit Ionit wall covering system that actively cleans the air of pollutants and regulates indoor humidity, providing a feeling of freshness comparable to that experienced when being out in nature.

Natural ions - these are what make the air at the seaside, in the mountains or in the forest the cleanest. The record-holder in this regard is the waterfalls, near which the concentration of these particles is the highest, for which the favorable, sufficiently high, humidity is responsible. The Baumit Ionit system allows us to achieve a similar effect in interiors.

W pobliżu wodospadów stężenie naturalnych jonów jest największe

Near waterfalls, the concentration of natural ions is highest

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More ions in interiors

Baumit IonitColor mineral interior paint plays a major role in it, increasing the concentration of natural ions in the air in a short period of time, as confirmed by Germany's Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics and the Medical University of Vienna. These particles, invisible to the eye, act as magnets for dust and airborne pollen. By binding them into larger groups, they make them fall to the floor, after which they can be removed during daily cleaning. As a result, the air cleanses itself, which in turn affects our well-being - it supports the immune system, improves concentration, accelerates recovery. The beneficial effects will also be appreciated by allergy sufferers. A study conducted on birch pollen showed that in rooms where the walls were painted with Baumit IonitColor paint after just 30 minutes, the allergen level decreased by 90% compared to interiors where traditional paint was used.

Niewidoczne dla oka cząsteczki jonów działają jak magnesy na kurz oraz pyłki unoszące się w powietrzu

The ion particles, invisible to the eye, act as magnets for dust and airborne pollen

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For a better effect

To get the most out of Baumit IonitColor paint 's potential, it's worth using it in a system with Baumit IonitFinish and Baumit IonitFino smoothers, especially recommended for concrete and gypsum walls. Both ensure balanced moisture levels in the room, promoting a healthy microclimate and creating ideal conditions for Baumit IonitColor to produce ions.

Farby Baumit IonitColor

Baumit IonitColor paints

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The more ions, the better

We are dealing with the optimal situation when there are at least 1000 ions per cm3. Indoors, this number usually does not exceed 250 per cm3, and in apartments located in urban centers there are often less than 100 per cm3. The Baumit Ionit system allows us to increase the number of ions in the interiors to a level of 2000-4000 per cm3, providing us with air quality comparable to that in the mountains!

Dobroczynne działanie docenią także alergicy

The beneficial effects will also be appreciated by allergy sufferers

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Nothing can replace being outdoors, but by choosing the right materials for finishing a house or apartment, we can make our four walls a place that is comfortable both to the eye and to our well-being.

 System Baumit Ionit

Baumit Ionit System

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