Interior doors in a starring role. Meet 3 ideas for interior design

23 of February '22

White or wood-inspired shades, with or without glass, rebated or non-rebated - all these elements are important when choosing interior doors for our apartment or house. But equally important is their design, as well as the type of ornamentation that can add character to our interior. Whether we are at the initial stage of renovation or just want to refresh our space, it is worth choosing interior doors that will stay with us for years. We can find them in the offer of the VOX brand - including Fresto, Signa Premium or Fina models.

On the market we can find mainly two types of doors, differing in construction:

  • Panel doors - usually consist of an invisible wooden frame, hidden under a one-piece panel. The lightweight filling of the structure resembles a honeycomb structure.
  • Frame doors - are distinguished by a visible structure, made of layered glued wood additionally clad with panels. The filling is a panel with veneer.

The design also determines the appearance of the door. In the framed version, we can choose from models with different arrangements of panels. Doors of this type often consist of two or three horizontal and two vertical beams, and such framingis most often made of MDF or wood. Slab doors have a uniform surface consisting of a single element due to the lack of visible construction. Explore three interior design ideas using panel and frame doors.

Zdobienia w modelach Fresto nawiązują do prostych, głębokich frezowań

The ornamentation in Fresto models refers to simple, deep milling.


Back to the classics

When choosing a particular model of frame doors, it is worth considering all its aspects, affecting both the functionality and aesthetics of the interior in which we intend to place them. Their wings are often finished with solid veneers in a variety of colors, so we can easily match them to the chosen space. The frame structure of the door is stable and durable. This is influenced not only by its considerable weight, but also by the way the individual elements are connected. For this purpose, special pins and stabilizing feathers are used, thanks to which the whole is further strengthened. Not surprisingly, these doors are generally considered by customers to be more stable.

VOX's Fresto doors have laminated wood frames, which are clad with thin HDF boards and covered with veneer. The ornamentation in Fresto models refers to simple, deep milling. Thanks to different panel layouts, the doors have a more decorative profile. We can choose from as many as five proposals for the layout of panels, distinguished by a visible, timeless form. This type of door goes well with a wooden floor and subdued furniture in a shade of white or beige, and the arrangement will be perfectly complemented by green plants.

Jeśli zależy nam na oryginalnym akcencie stylistycznym, wybierzmy frezowane rysunki na drzwiach płytowych

If you want an original stylistic touch, choose milled drawings on panel doors


A subtle complement to the interior

If you want a subtle but original stylistic accent, choose milled drawings on panel doors. The frets on the panel version vary in shape, width and depth. The lines on the leaves will emphasize the character of the kitchen, bedroom or living room, and additionally match the space, becoming an elegant background for our furniture or decorations. In the offer of the VOX brand you will find the Signa Premium collection, which includes five models with different arrangements of milling. The selected doors will fit perfectly both in the children's room, where we bet on original accents, and in the bathroom, where they will match the white walls.

Decorations not only in one place

A distinctive line in the very center of the leaf, or maybe only on the edges of the door? The arrangement of milling in panel doors also affects the character of our room. VOX's Fina door was created for a door that corresponds to our time, in which home space plays an increasingly important role. Visible frets are combined in these models with a universal, timeless white. Thanks to this, the door will find a great place in the living room, introducing a calm atmosphere, as well as in our bedroom, adding to its charm. Fina doors - similar to the Signa collection - are painted doors. Their construction is the same, but they differ in their filling: Signa has honeycomb as standard, while Fina has full particle board. Thus, in the offer of the VOX brand there are doors with different structures, so you can choose the right one for your interior.

Rozmieszczenie frezów w drzwiach płytowych także wpływa na charakter naszego pomieszczenia

The arrangement of milling in panel doors also affects the character of our room


The ornamentation resulting, as it were, from the design of the frame door, as well as the placement of the millwork, is important when selecting a door for our space. A distinctive panel arrangement will provide a strong accent in any arrangement. Panel doors, on the other hand, often come with original mill work to choose from, although many customers opt for versions with a completely smooth surface. In this design, delicate milling works extremely well. Classics, clarity, subtlety - it's up to us what effect we want to achieve in our interior. Before choosing a door, it's worth consulting qualified advisors who can help in VOX showrooms throughout Poland and via

For more information, visit the company's VOX page on the PdD portal.

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