"Good design and pet range go hand in hand." Interview with Dawid Gulczyński of Hau's Dog

22 of January '24

Pet products can also be stylish! That is the idea behind the creators of the Hau's dog brand, which produces designer dog beds.

Hau's Dog — a company run by Dawid Gulczyński and Marcin Ciż. They produce dog beds inspired by architecture. They currently offer two models — Shiba and Drever. Their names are inspired by dog breeds.

Legowisko Shiba To legowisko zostało nazwane na cześć japońskiej rasy szpiców

Shiba dog bed

© Hau's dog

Katarzyna Szostak: How did you come up with this idea? You both have experience in the interior design industry. Is that how you noticed that there is a shortage of stylish dog beds on the market?

Dawid Gulczyński: We met with Marcin on a professional level: he designed the kitchen in my previous apartment. I was quite a difficult client, because I had strongly defined expectations. After all, I have always been interested in architecture and design, and although I currently run a social media agency, in the past I wrote for magazines and portals about architecture, as I am a journalist by training. And the business idea itself? When decorating my current apartment I was also helped by Marcin's company, Cube. At the stage of choosing accessories, including a bed for my dog Humus, we noticed that the offer of stylish beds in Poland is quite small. So we decided to prove that good design and pet range go hand in hand. After all, beds can be sophisticated, minimalist, high quality and fit perfectly into interiors, and at the same time meet the expectations of an extremely demanding group, namely.... pets.

Legowiska mają minimalistyczną formę, dzięki czemu dopasowują się do wnętrz w wielu stylach

The beds have a minimalist form, so they fit into interiors arranged in many styles

© Hau's dog

Katarzyna: What architectural elements or styles can we find in your products?

Dawid: Minimalism, Scandinavian style, Danish design, loft — these are styles and trends that can be found in our beds. Certainly lovers of the recently so fashionable japandi will also find its influence, especially in the Shiba model. Our beds are quite simple in form, so they will fit into interiors decorated in many styles.

Dostępne obecnie legowiska przeznaczone są dla mniejszych psów

The currently available beds are designed for smaller dogs

© Hau's dog

Katarzyna: Products designed for dogs have to meet rigorous standards, especially in terms of the durability of the materials. So what was the process of designing the dog beds like?

Dawid: We imposed high standards on ourselves — because we care about our pets. A dog's skin, just like a child's, is extremely sensitive. The use of OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 Class I certified materials in our mattresses was therefore obvious. This is a designation for products that must meet the strictest criteria and is a guarantee of the safety of textile products intended for skin contact. This certification marks products for infants and children under the age of 3. Materials have been tested for the presence of more than 100 harmful substances in the certification process! This guarantees safety not only for your pet, but also for other household members, including the youngest ones. It is also an ideal choice for allergy sufferers and people who care about their own and their pets' health.

Legowisko Drever

Drever dog bed

© Hau's dog

Katarzyna: What are your plans for the future? Do you intend to design more dog beds or will you expand your offerings to include other pet products?

Dawid: Marcin works primarily in wood, so we will certainly introduce dog beds made of this material. We are also thinking about creating products for larger breeds, as the current ones are designed for the smaller dogs. At the beginning of the year, we will also start selling abroad and cooperating with several pet stores. As for the rest of the assortment: we have no such plans for now. The choice of leashes or clothes is huge and we are mainly interested in interiors.

Katarzyna: Thank you for the interview!


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