An alternative form of home heat? Liquid gas installation from GASPOL

Choosing a home heating source is a challenge for investors, as well as owners of new and older buildings in need of modernization. Numerous programs to support the replacement of heating with more environmentally friendly ones encourage people to learn about alternative heating solutions available on the market. Could liquefied petroleum gas be an adequate solution for your home and needs? It is certainly worth considering.

Who is LPG for?

LPG is the ideal solution for households that do not have the possibility of connecting to the natural gas network. We are talking about both single-family homes and estates with multi-family or terraced housing.

Why LPG?

There are several reasons for choosing LPG. The first is purely economic. The cost of heating a house is lower in its case compared to heating with coal or electricity. LPG clearly wins over coal, eco-pea or fuel oil. What kind of savings are we talking about? The cost of heating a 120-square-meter house with 4 people, including the use of gas to heat water and power a gas stove, should average about 500-550 PLN per month (data from 2022). The second reason is environmental friendliness. Burning liquefied petroleum gas is not associated with the generation of harmful substances and does not cause smog or particulate emissions (PM 2.5 and PM 10). The third argument is convenience. LPG is maintenance-free. Compared to coal heating, there is no need to light the stove, keep an eye on the fire, or order or store and carry fuel. This also results in huge time savings.


GASPOL has been operating in Poland for more than 30 years and is the market leader in LPG. It guarantees a stable price for LPG and ensures the continuity of its supply. The company has its own modern infrastructure - three transshipment terminals (including a marine one in Gdansk), five LPG bottling plants and a fleet of specialized tankers. And, importantly in the current geopolitical situation, it has not imported liquefied petroleum gas from Russia since March 2022.

Ogrzewanie, podgrzanie wody, zasilanie kuchni

Heating, heating water, powering the kitchen


How does it work?

When you choose GASPOL, you get a comprehensive service. The company takes care of the construction of LPG-powered tank installations from the design to the installation of the system and the first delivery. A gas storage tank is installed on the plot, and GASPOL specialists carry out the installation, supply the gas boiler, and at a later stage take care of fuel supply and service.

In the case of so-called semi-detached houses, segments, low-rise blocks of flats and single-family housing estates, a common tank park is built for all the residents - the so-called multi-tank LPG installation. The tanks are located in one place, but each unit is equipped with its own gas boiler and remote gas metering equipment.
LPG for powering the system is stored in aboveground or underground tanks located outside the building. A single gas system meets all the residents' energy needs: heating the premises, providing domestic hot water and powering the gas kitchen. Interestingly, the LPG network is designed to receive natural gas in the future, without the need to redesign the installation. So it is both a final solution and an interim solution, until natural gas is connected from the network.

Benefits of choosing a GASPOL tank installation

  • maintenance-free and comfortable

  • stable gas price

  • safety (the company has all the building permits required by law and confirmations from the Office of Technical Inspection, allowing the tanks to operate)

  • environmentally friendly solution

  • financial benefits (subsidies for the installation and boiler can be obtained under the Clean Air program. There is also a referral program)

    transparent and convenient billing (each house or apartment has its own metering equipment, and customers settle directly with the gas supplier on the basis of an individual invoice for the gas consumed)

  • construction of a gas installation tailored to the investor's needs (GASPOL tanks are offered in three standard capacities, and it is also possible to make a special installation with a larger capacity). GASPOL offers tanks for ownership and lease

  • possibility of fuel storage.

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