We manufacture and restore cast iron radiators designed for unique interiors

Castrads is a family-owned company, founded in 2006. We started on a farm in English Cheshire as a small team installing and painting radiators. Today we employ around 65 people in four countries.

Our manufacturing base and headquarters are located near Manchester. We also have showrooms in London and New York, as well as an assembly and finishing facility in Poland that serves our EU customers. We specialize in cast iron: our core product is and always will be cast iron radiators.

Vulcan III 690 - wytrawiony połysk

Vulcan III 690 - etched sheen



Our mission is to produce elegant radiators that will last for centuries. We accomplish it by drawing on the experience of engineers of the past. We have modernized control systems and use Kevlar gaskets instead of asbestos gaskets, but the design of cast iron radiators themselves has not changed in 140 years. We believe that the original needs no improvement.

Our company culture can be described in four words: quality, respect, modesty and elegance. We advocate the concepts of a circular economy, equal opportunity and dignity in the workplace.

Mercury IV 760 - błyszczący szary

Mercury IV 760 - glossy gray



The Castrads company was founded by Chris Baylis and is now run by his two sons, Nick and Adam. Before founding Castrads, Chris Baylis ran a company called RBS, trading in recycled architectural elements. That is to say, he had been in the business of combining interior decoration and recycling since 1986.During the numerous collections of recycled materials and elements, Chris and his two sons, who helped him on Saturdays, began to have a special respect for original cast iron radiators from the brands American Radiator Company, Crane, Beeston, Bundy and more. It can be said that Castrads was founded precisely out of respect for the craftsmanship developed by pre-war radiator manufacturers.

Grace IV 460 - Farrow & Ball Dark Blue

Grace IV 460 - Farrow & Ball Dark Blue



We are currently - to our knowledge - the only company in the UK that is actively investing in new casting techniques that contribute to the development of cast iron radiator technology.

Our dedicated product team has designed the Emmeline and Mercury lines from the ground up. We will soon launch our third product line called Celeste. We are proud that we have been able to move the production of many elements of our products to the UK. Some of them come from the Black Country region, England's industrial basin.

Rococo III 970 - pełny połysk

Rococo III 970 - full gloss


For more information, visit the company's {tag:Manufacturer} page on the PdD portal.

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