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Facade of the 21st century? Opt for highly selective solar control glass!

28 of January '22

Large-format glazing with COOL-LITE® XTREME 61/29 (II) glass from Saint Gobain Glass.

A recipe for a modern building? An original body, proper location in relation to the world's directions and a glazed facade that is now a guarantee of comfort for users without burdening the environment. The new generation of solar control glass is chosen by architects not only for its aesthetic qualities, but also for its durability, safety and functionality, thanks to which it can meet the most stringent requirements in the field of sustainable construction and architectural psychology.

Glass has been used in architecture for more than 2,000 years. Today it is one of the most popular materials used to construct impressive, durable and beautiful buildings. Designers appreciate its versatility, design possibilities and parameters, investors and users - the aesthetics and comfort it provides. In Stefan Zeromski's work, the term "glass houses", which was used in the early 20th century by the characters of "The Foreboding", symbolized modernity and prosperity embedded in the architecture of the future. In the new millennium, glass is still a symbol of innovation and elegance, and the glazed facades of office buildings towering over metropolises have become an integral part of them.

However, at a time when the Earth's high temperatures are making their presence known ever more strongly, solar control glass is coming to the fore. With its improved properties, it provides a balance between light and thermal comfort - without making compromises, becoming the answer to the needs of the modern market and the global challenges of ecology and wellbeing.

Ochrona przeciwsłoneczna zapewniająca niezrównany komfort termiczny bez straty dostępu do światła dziennego.

Sun protection for unparalleled thermal comfort without sacrificing access to daylight.

© Saint-Gobain

Comfort? On many levels!

Modern glazing is no longer just a "window to the world" and a source of daylight in interiors - thanks to a variety of functions, it affects the energy balance of the building or provides better sound insulation.
The new generation of glazing available on the market today is tailored to the needs of users and boasts excellent parameters - not only visual, but also functional, which help to maintain the appropriate energy balance of buildings or, as in the case of solar control glass , heat management. This is an extremely important issue not only for the investor's thermal and economic comfort, but also for ecological reasons, which are reflected in building regulations in European markets.

- Heating, air conditioning and lighting of buildings are aspects that represent the highest energy expenditure in Europe. As a result, the construction industry is obliged to provide investors with materials that have adequate thermal insulation, guarantee sun protection, as well as allow optimal use of daylight and reap free profits from solar energy

- says Monika Naczeńska, Marketing Manager of Saint-Gobain Glass.

Large-format glazings made of highly selective solar control glass will prove ideal here. If they are composed in a conscious manner, they can become an even stronger ally of man in the fight for the environment and the comfort of the next generations.
Why is solar control glass such an essential element of a modern building? Because it helps effectively reduce its demand for electricity required for lighting and cooling the interior. How is this possible?

- Modern solar control glass has a special coating that blocks much of the energy emitted by the sun's rays reaching rooms and causing them to overheat. Our new product, COOL-LITE® XTREME 61/29 (II) glass, is equipped with a triple layer of silver with extremely high selectivity (S≥2), which, by letting in a large amount of visible light, effectively filters out more than 2/3 of the sun's heat (g-value = 0.27) to maintain optimal indoor temperatures

- explains Monika Naczeńska.

Budynek Varso I i Varso II w Warszawie. Szkło przeciwsłoneczne COOL-LITE® SKN 176 II. Inwestycja posiada certyfikat BREEAM na poziomie „Outstanding” oraz WELL Core&Shell na poziomie Gold.

Varso 1 and Varso 2 in Warsaw. COOL-LITE® SKN 176 II solar control glass. The project is BREEAM certified at the "Outstanding" level and WELL Core&Shell certified at the Gold level.

© Saint-Gobain

At a time when weather and temperature anomalies are becoming more frequent, solutions that help protect building occupants from the heat and dispense with costly and energy-intensive air conditioning are at a premium. The gains here will be threefold - for users, their wallets and the planet. Not only in the form of lower electricity bills, but also less consumption of non-renewable resources.

Beauty behind the glass

The visual power of XXL glazing is constantly gaining traction among architects, who often reach for large-size panes. Large glazings increase the attractiveness of the entire building, giving it a modern and sophisticated touch, and the larger their dimensions, the more benefits flow to the users. Glass is such a durable and safe solution that panels the size of 18 meters, if they arouse discussion today, it is only because of the WOW effect they produce.
Current trends regarding glass in architecture, especially in the context of commercial buildings, emphasize how a glass facade presents itself not only from the outside of the building, but also from the inside. The most desirable effect is the visual "disappearance of the glass", which gives the impression of an unrestricted connection between the interior and the surrounding world and nature.

- Large glazings in residential and commercial buildings should be characterized by outstanding aesthetics to achieve the effect of a discreet and flawless glass facade that provides a real view of what is on the other side of the glass. COOL-LITE® XTREME 61/29 (II) glass is characterized by an improved neutral appearance (both in reflection and transmission) regardless of the viewing angle and faithful color reproduction. This product is our answer to the latest trends in architecture and will be perfect for the façade of a modern development ," adds Monika Naczenska. - Due to the EPD environmental declaration it has, COOL-LITE® XTREME 61/29 (II) glass can be successfully used in buildings applying for sustainability certificates such as BREEAM, LEED or WELL. So it is also a product that adds prestige to the investment.

Glass has been gaining popularity in recent years, and there is no indication that this is about to change. This material not only looks great, gives buildings a visual "lightness" and connects the interiors with the surrounding world - appropriately selected glazing increases the comfort of use of buildings and contributes to their climate neutrality, which is of considerable importance nowadays. With modern solar control glass, we are able to take full advantage of the beneficial power of the sun's rays, creating beautifully illuminated and at the same time not susceptible to overheating interiors in which everyone will feel good.

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