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Intelligent security and access control solutions

28 of October '19

The dormakaba Group is a well-established company with more than 150 years of experience. We are one of the three largest companies in the global security and access control solutions market.

We offer single-source secure access solutions for buildings and rooms. With more than 16,000 employees worldwide, we are able to serve our customers in more than 130 countries.

Argus sensory gates

Argus is a modular sensory gate system that can be customized to meet the needs of today's requirements. The gates come in three variants: Argus 40, Argus 60 and Argus 80 with widths in standards: 650 mm, 900 mm and 1000 mm. The ideal opening angle of the wings ensures trouble-free movement of a person in a wheelchair or transport of materials. Argus can also be equipped with an integrated certified evacuation module, which requires no additional testing or certification, and the highest number of sensory points ensures even higher safety. Additional lighting enhances functionality, and the stunning, modern design, was awarded the ,,Best of best" Iconic Award.

Revolving doors

Revolving doors are a comfortable and impressive solution for entrances that maintain a high level of security of use, aesthetics and functionality. This solution is at the same time a windbreak that limits the influx of outside air into the building, which can cause the rooms to get cold in winter and overheated in summer. The use of revolving doors means that they are able to maintain a favorable temperature and humidity inside the building. This increases the comfort of users of the entrance area. Intelligent automation takes care of functionality in the entrance area, and the ability to model the appearance of the door makes it easy to match the architectural design of any building and the nature of the interior - from modern to stylish. We have door solutions with a glass roof or narrow profiles and even all-glass solutions.


The timeless, elegant and unique MUNDUS corner fitting for all-glass structures, to which we have matched the corresponding OFFICE Mundus lock. The fitting and lock were designed in accordance with XEA design principles: modern shape, straight edges and rounded corners. We allowed customers real freedom to choose the color of the hardware: from light to dark; matte or high gloss, in stainless steel or aluminum surface finishes. The combination of selected variants will create a perfect whole.

Electronic hardware c-lever compact

C-lever compact is a non-wiring electronic fitting that combines innovative elegant design with economical use of space. The first electronic door-mounted solution that replaces the mechanical handle. Ideal for office or glass doors. Doors with c-lever compact hardware will open with a card, key fob and also with a phone.

Loft profiles

Loft profiles easily and quickly transform existing or enhance new glass walls, adding interest and elegance to interiors.

HSW Easy Safe

A safe and easy-to-use mobile folding glass wall that provides great transparency. The glass sash profile is designed for easy and fast installation. Thanks to the proven Clamp & Glue technology, the HSW Easy Safe system will work perfectly with laminated and tempered glass. The use of graphics inside the laminated safety glass allows you to use the sliding wall as part of your own design, setting new standards in interior design. The Multilock 3-in-1 lock offers three secure locking options: front locking, side locking or an insert lock.


Variflex mobile partitions offer the best possible solutions. Regardless of their characteristics and function, rooms can be freely separated, reduced in size, increased in size or reorganized to suit individual user requirements. Excellent acoustic insulation allows different events to be held in adjacent rooms without the penetration of unwanted noise. The Variflex system has a virtually unlimited selection of designs and colors to meet even the most sophisticated designs and interiors.


Skyfold vertically folding automatic acoustic walls are the first of their kind in Poland. The biggest advantage of the walls is that they do not take up floor space. The entire wall folds, for example, in a drywall enclosure over a suspended ceiling, and the process of operating it is a matter of pressing just one button. Skyfold is a fully automated solution with high acoustics Rw of up to 59dBb, which come in 4 lines: Classic, Zenith, Zenith Premium and Mirage. The first three lines are available in a variety of finishes such as veneer, metal, vinyl, fabric, lacquer, magnetic white board surface for marker writing or any other compliant finish. The Mirage version, on the other hand, allows the use of tempered glass, plexiglass, lexan, bulletproof glass or frosted glass. The flexibility of configuring the walls also makes them work well where we have sloping gymnasium walls or auditoriums with steps or stairs, etc.

Take a look at our entire product portfolio, where we have solutions in the field:

  • door technology
  • door automation
  • physical access control
  • electronic access control
  • glass hardware systems
  • Mechanical key systems
  • hotel locks
  • safe locks
  • mobile walls.

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