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Productive workplaces with sound-absorbing ceilings and wall panels

28 of October '19

Office acoustics that favor workers

An office's acoustics determine whether the office is perceived as a productive place to work, shows a study covering 500,000 employees in various countries, including Poland, conducted by Leesman.

Ecophon has been helping shape office acoustics for 70 years with carefully crafted, sound-absorbing ceilings and wall panels. We cooperate with international research and development centers, and follow new business trends and related needs. We implement our knowledge and experience in office projects of different scales and budgets, fitting in with the architect's vision and the individual needs of the organization and its employees.

Ecophon acoustic ceilings and wall panels undergo detailed testing in certified third-party laboratories for acoustic properties, fire safety, impact on air quality or environmental impact. For each of our solutions, including wall panels, we have EPD declarations - a detailed assessment of the environmental impact of each product at the stage of sourcing the raw material, processing it, manufacturing the solutions and transportation.

The material used in our ceilings and wall panels is 84% recycled, and an energy mix and technology is used in their production that lowers the product's carbon footprint.

  • Ecophon Solo Baffle - spatial sound absorbers - were originally used in production halls, but are now taking office spaces by storm. The advantages of baffles manufactured by Ecophon are their high acoustic efficiency and flexibility - they can be cut to create new shapes, and the material does not crumble. In the photos opposite Ecophon Solo Baffle in the form of a truss and with painted edges.
  • Ecophon Matrix - these are popular Ecophon Solo tiles, but set on profiles, with a convenient tilt-and-snap mechanism for quick access to the ceiling space. The possibility of combining different panel formats gives an interesting effect.
  • Ecophon Akusto One wall panels - frameless wall panels with the best sound absorption properties, high resistance to mechanical damage, in various shapes and colors, with the possibility of custom printing. Used in meeting rooms, phone booths and open plan offices.

It is crucial to plan acoustics as early as possible in the construction process. Our specialists can help with:

  • Determining acoustic goals for individual rooms and zones, taking into account the specific arrangement, the activities performed there, and the priorities of the organization and users.
  • Preparation of guidelines with terminology and description of acoustic standards for offices.
  • Selection of effective solutions to fit the budget.

We also conduct training and seminars on sound, hearing and interior acoustics.

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