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Balmy furniture - solutions for smart workspaces

24 of December '20

Balma creates spaces for work. It produces not only furniture, but hints at what a modern workplace should look like. It is important that the interior provides a good feeling. So that it motivates, inspires, but also calms and promotes regeneration.

Therefore, Balma furniture is not only about design, but above all about functionality and aesthetics. Conscious design that takes into account the needs of the user.

Stanowisko 2-os Balma STEPPS

Balma STEPPS 2-person stand


Current times have strongly revolutionized the way we work. The most important division has taken place in terms of the workspace itself. We are at the stage of a multidimensional change. New criteria and requirements for designing offices are emerging, the way we function in them and the way we furnish them is changing. Often our workplace becomes a room in our own home. Balma, meeting these changes, creates furniture that works in any space and for any mode of work.

DEMINO table system
Design: Piotr Kuchcinski

High and low tables with distinctive lines and universal use. They are characterized by an expressive form that does not allow you to pass by indifferently. Large tops and stable construction, as well as many possibilities of combining colors, make the DEMINO table system a proposal for any space. They will find their use in offices, but also in cafeterias or kitchens or living rooms.

Balma MULTIBASE desk system

Desks with a simple and functional design. The system assumes structural versatility, so that it can be freely assembled from individual elements, as well as expanded to create single, double and benche desks. Its essence is one simple assembly system. Economical solutions for the office or home.

Balma STEPPS desks and tables
Designed by: Piotr Kuchcinski

Desks and meeting tables complement the well-known and well-liked Balma Stepps shelving system. Balma Stepps is now expanded to include single desks, double desks and complete workstations with walls. Tall meeting tables supported by walls or bookcases complete the Balma Stepps system with additional functions.

You can - like building blocks - build bookcases and work or meeting areas. So as to flexibly adapt to changing needs.

Stół Balma STEPPS
i hokery PUNG © BALMA

Balma STEPPS table and PUNG hockers


PUNG stools and hockers
Designed by Piotr Kuchcinski

An addition to any contemporary space. The furniture has a stable and minimalist base made of powder-coated metal and a round upholstered seat. The frame is additionally connected by a metal basket, which will be great as a shelf for a purse, necessary utensils or as a leg rest. The collection includes stools on wheels and on feet, as well as hockers in two heights.

For more information, visit the company's Fabryka Mebli BALMA SA page on the A&B portal.

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