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SLIDE sliding patio doors by Oknoplast. Fusion of interior and terrace

29 of April '20

SLIDE sliding patio doors
From the series "Window and door trends 2020"

A beautiful balcony or terrace is an extension of our living room. We take care of it and often reach for advice from specialists to make it our little green oasis. Its proper display will be complemented by the designer and functional SLIDE sliding terrace doors from OKNOPLAST. The company introduces modern and comfortable sliding terrace doors, which are the answer to the latest trends on the market - an investment that will please us for many years.

Terrace - an extension of a modern home

A well-kept terrace is a place that the whole family enjoys using. Functionally arranged it will be a place to relax, eat meals together or even work. It is an extension of our living room, which deserves an appropriate setting. Thanks to modern technology, we can reach for larger and larger windows and doors, with more glazing than before. Beautiful and large windows and doors provide us with more natural light.

OKNOPLAST's modern and designer SLIDE terrace doors are in line with global trends.

Drzwi tarasowe SLIDE

SLIDE terrace doors


When introducing the new terrace doors, we wanted them not only to be a response to current and upcoming trends, but also to be an integral part of our customers' homes. The terrace, especially nowadays, has an extremely important function. I don't think we've ever appreciated the opportunity to go out onto a balcony or terrace as much as we do now. OKNOPLAST SLIDE adds character to the interior, and at the same time perfectly connects the inside of the house with what's outside," encourages Mike Żyrek, Director of Research and Development at OKNOPLAST.

Modern terrace doors

OKNOPLAST is known for drawing on the latest technologies and implementing modern solutions. This is no different in this case. A six-chamber frame profile with an installation depth of 140 mm and a four-chamber leaf profile with an installation depth of 70 mm provide a wide range of application possibilities.

Ergonomics of sliding terrace doors - comfort and space saving

SLIDE terrace doors are extremely convenient for everyday use - it is a sliding system, so we save space. We do not have to open them ajar. It is intuitive and easy to use, and the locking mechanism allows gentle closing.

Natural light - large glazed SLIDE patio doors

We all like nice and well-lit rooms. Our natural need is light. Modern technologies allow us to install larger and larger windows and terrace doors in our homes. Stable, durable, heat retaining. The minimalist design of OKNOPLAST SLIDE terrace doors allows us to maximize the glazed area, which provides more natural light in the room. At the same time, thanks to modern solutions, they allow heat retention at Uw=0.75 W/m²K.

Design of sliding terrace doors - fusion of room and terrace

The character of the interior, in addition to the glazing, is also given by the door frame. This is because it is much thinner thanks to which the terrace doors themselves seem lighter, and we get the visual effect of a smooth transition between the room and the terrace.


Solutions such as OKNOPLAST SLIDE sliding terrace doors are eagerly recommended by architects. They are most often used in single-family houses and modern investments. They become a showpiece and decoration of any interior.

For more information, visit the company's website {tag:Manufacturer} in the A&B portal and OKNOPLAST showrooms.

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