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TIGER ArchiPrint - permanent printing on powder-coated aluminum facades

10 of March '21

Finishing or renovating a facade is a process in which experience and technical expertise count - and these, combined with high-quality facade materials, guarantee a perfectly matched solution for many years. The ability to personalize the solution and the maximum durability of the finish are the challenges facing modern designers. The answer to the ever-increasing expectations is TIGER ArchiPrint.

TIGER ArchiPrint technology - printing

Photo: © Tiger Coatings

In our Austrian laboratory, we combined powder coating technology and innovative digital printing solutions for outdoor applications. The result is easy-care, super durable aluminum facades for demanding architects and builders. With our innovative TIGER ArchiPrint technology, we can photorealistically transfer any motif from a digital file or photo to building facades and architectural objects.

You design - we print!

TIGER ArchiPrint is a state-of-the-art technology, created by combining the highly weather-resistant powder coating TIGER Drylac® with TIGITAL® UV LED inks for outdoor use. The special ink technology was developed with an emphasis on durability, as well as exceptional UV resistance for maximum decorative aesthetics and long-lasting retention of original colors.

TIGER ArchiPrint technology has been subjected to rigorous quality testing and as a result has received IFO certification in accordance with Qualideco specifications , Class 1 and Class 2. As a result, we offer a system warranty of up to 10 years. The right choice of facade finish will determine its attractiveness for many years. An additional advantage of the solution is the possibility of application on other selected substrates - wood, glass, plastics.

product elements

© Tiger Coatings

Key aspects of TIGER ArchiPrint technology:

1 Competent design consulting

From the idea to the finished object! TIGER supports your project from the very beginning. For the graphics you have prepared and selected, together we will determine all the necessary technical aspects. Our team will be happy to advise and support you at every stage of the design. In addition, upon request, we will be happy to recommend a design agency that will take care of the technical aspects of the implementation.

2 Unlimited design possibilities

No limits to your creativity! TIGER ArchiPrint allows you to print any image - graphics on facade surfaces. The technology allows you to develop an individual decorative effect with very high protective parameters at the same time. As I mentioned earlier, with TIGER ArchiPrint you do not have to limit yourself to aluminum surfaces. This can include wooden elements and glass, as well as plastics.

3 Personalization with digital printing

TIGER ArchiPrint is a technology that allows you complete freedom in the selection of graphics. TIGER Drylac® powder paint and state-of-the-art digital printing based on TIGITAL® inks with high UV resistance creates a unique, distinctive facade and enhances the aesthetics of the entire building.

4 Versatile, creative, environmentally friendly

In addition to its virtually unlimited possibilities, TIGER ArchiPrint technology is also environmentally friendly. The entire production process meets high environmental requirements, and it can be said with full conviction that TIGER ArchiPrint, like other TIGER products, is a pro-environmental solution.

Learn about the innovative production process in the video:

For more information, visit TIGER Coatings ' page on the A&B portal.

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