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DORKEN's versatile DELTA facade membranes

01 of July '20

The timeless, modern look of a building largely depends on the facade. An interesting facade in combination with wood, aluminum or glass elements is a unique construction in the urban space.

When choosing a facade membrane, it is important to pay attention to several important features that will ensure the safety and comfort of the building. The four basic ones are:

- Fire resistance
- UV resistance
- Water resistance
- Wind resistance - an important product feature when it comes to energy savings

DELTA facade membranes, thanks to the latest production technologies, meet all the listed characteristics. In addition, they are easy to install, thanks to adhesive strips, the application is quick and does not cause any difficulties - in addition, the FASSADE COLOR line is a modern product colors that allow unconventional realizations!

Photo. © DORKEN

Possible application of DELTA FASSADE S, DELTA FASSADE COLOR facade membrane:

Wooden facades

Wood facades offer many individual design options. The profile and installation technique have a decisive influence on the appearance of the facade. For example, smooth profiles give the facade a simple, subtle look. Sturdier profiles enhance the light on the surface and give the facade a more vibrant appearance. Installing wood cladding horizontally makes tall, narrow houses appear wider, while vertical cladding stretches the proportions of houses.

fasada drewniana

wood facade

Photo: © DORKEN

It is also possible to fix facade cladding made of weather-resistant wood composite materials horizontally or vertically. The same applies here: "vertical stripes" (vertical runs) make the house look slim, while wood slats running horizontally make the building appear wider.

Metal facades

fasada metalowa

metal facade

Photo: © DORKEN

In addition to the variety of surface finishes compared to other facade materials, metal facades are also malleable. They turn metal facades into architectural elements - futuristic, and highly individual. For example, combining expanded metal facades with DELTA® FASSADE COLOR facade membrane makes it possible to create a surprisingly deep 3D effect. Depending on the desired effect, it is possible to use facades with strongly contrasting colors, such as expanded metal with an "orange" hue, or in harmonious colors, such as metal fabric with an "aluminum" hue.

Facades made of metal panels

Facade with metal panels

Photo: © DORKEN

With different profiles and openings, perforated metal panel facades offer many variations for facade design. The panels are not attached directly to the facade membrane during installation, but by means of a vertical metal profile placed between them.

Glass facades

fasada szklana

glass facade

Photo: © DORKEN

DELTA® FASSADE COLOR can also be attached behind transparent cladding materials made of glass, acrylic glass or plastic (for example, polycarbonate). What's more, since transparent materials do not need to be costly dyed or printed, colored facade sheets are an economical solution. Transparent facades with a high proportion of glass and narrow metal profiles define the language of contemporary architecture. For example, glass facades and transparent surfaces radiate openness and are both representative and synonymous with a bright motivating work environment.


For more information, visit the DORKEN DELTA Folie page on the A&B portal.

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