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Walls tested under extreme conditions

01 of November '19

RIGIPS is a construction brand with many years of tradition and experience. We provide complete systems and solutions for the construction of comfortable, friendly and safe interiors by offering, among others: partition walls, attics, wall coverings and suspended ceilings.

One of the key categories in the RIGIPS product range is RIGIPS gypsum boards with diversified parameters, tailored to users' needs and requirements. Based on natural gypsum, gypsum boards are dust-free, odor-free, do not contain hazardous fibers or emit compounds considered hazardous or toxic. Selected products feature Activ'Air®, which reduces the level of formaldehyde concentration in the room.

RIGIPS 4 PRO™ - perfect smoothness and no cracks

RIGIPS 4PRO™ board with four flattened edges and a printed measuring tape is the only solution on the market for making walls/ceilings with the highest degree of smoothness, while reducing working time and significantly reducing the degree of use of joint compound. This makes it possible to make all board joints on the wall or ceiling plane in an optimal way with the use of reinforcing tape. The advantage of such a solution is the excellent smoothness of the finished surface and a lower risk of cracking (thanks to the greater strength of the joints).

The main applications for RIGIPS 4PRO™ gypsum boards are suspended ceilings, attic development and high walls. RIGIPS 4PRO™ boards are ideal for rooms with higher aesthetic requirements, where there are large, intensely lit areas, especially where there are cross edge joints. RIGIPS offers RIGIPS 4PRO™ boards dedicated to damp rooms, in the Activ'Air® system and also fireproof.

RIGIPS HABITO® - a wall unlike any other

RIGIPS HABITO® walls are the best alternative to masonry, wood-based and gypsum-fiber board technology. With its high strength and load-bearing capacity, lighter weight and easy installation, RIGIPS HABITO® is an excellent choice for anyone looking for modern and convenient solutions.The main advantages are high impact resistance. Walls built with RIGIPS HABITO® provide excellent resistance to mechanical damage, and their solidity guarantees comfort. 15 kg on one screw without drilling . RIGIPS HABITO walls withstand constant and cyclic loads.Installation of RIGIPS HABITO® panels is easy, instant and safe, in accordance with the guidelines for standard gypsum board.

The main application of RIGIPS HABITO™ is sheathing for wall cladding, partition walls, ceiling cladding, suspended ceilings and attic buildings. The board is recommended for the construction of elements with increased requirements for impact resistance, in all places characterized by high traffic such as hotels, office buildings, children's rooms, schools, hospitals. Durability is associated with increased longevity, but also with minimization of needed repairs and maintenance. All this contributes to the reduced cost of operating the wall.

RIGIPS PRO AKU - quieter

RIGIPS PRO AKU is a line of special acoustic gypsum boards with increased sound insulation. The gypsum core contains special mineral fibers and other additives to reduce the transmission of sound energy. In combination with ULTRASTIL® AKU profiles, the boards form special AKU wall systems, which have 5-7 dB increased (compared to walls built with standard boards and profiles) sound insulation.

Recommended use is sheathing in interior drywall systems, especially designed for systems with high R'A1 sound insulation requirements.

GLASROC F (Riflex) - unconventional shapes

GLASROC F (Riflex) panels make it possible to give rooms an original and unique look. Curved walls and ceilings provide interiors with an unconventional character. Their fast and professional execution is not a problem with the use of special gypsum boards GLASROC F (Riflex), 6 mm thick, internally reinforced and laminated with glass fiber. The special composition allows the board to be used in fire protection systems with increased requirements.

The most important advantage of GLASROC F (Riflex) panels is that they can be bent without additional treatments such as notching or soaking. Riflex boards are used not only for mounting walls and ceilings, but also for cladding columns, arches and any curved surfaces. GLASROC F (Riflex) are used in both residential and public buildings.

The minimum radii of curvature with Riflex panels are R=1000 mm for convex surfaces of walls , ceilings and wall cladding and concave surfaces of walls and R=600 mm for concave surfaces of ceilings and wall cladding.

GLASROC H OCEAN - the answer to the negative effects of moisture

Glasroc H Ocean is a water-resistant gypsum board designed for use in interiors with high humidity, such as swimming pools, bath rooms, bathrooms, etc., i.e. in places where the use of traditional gypsum board is impossible. It can be used on ceilings and walls. We recommend using Rigips HYDROPROFIL accessories and profiles when building a frame structure.

The board consists of an impregnated and reinforced gypsum core clad on both sides with a fiberglass mat. Such a surface has a lower absorption rate than standard gypsum board. Glasroc H Ocean has increased moisture resistance - class H1.

The glass mat coating additionally ensures higher durability and smoothness of the surface.

The surface of the board is prepared for tile bonding without additional moisture protection or priming.

Our solutions are found in all sectors of the construction industry. Choosing RIGIPS products, the user gains a number of benefits, wide possibilities in interior design, clean air comfort, acoustic comfort, fire safety and technical advice at every stage of construction.

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