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Ecophon's comprehensive range of products

05 of March '21

Ecophon sound absorbing ceiling and wall systems.
From the series "Inspirations and solutions - ceilings and wall coverings 2021".

Ecophon develops, manufactures and markets sound-absorbing ceiling and wall systems to create amazing interior ambiance. Both visually and acoustically. Ceilings and walls are part of every room, and despite changing trends, they are some of the largest surfaces that can shape interior acoustics. Thanks to the variety of products and their variants, it is no longer necessary to choose between original design and good interior acoustics. Ecophon is the answer to changing design trends, but also to the ever higher acoustic requirements of users.

Wall-to-wall acoustic ceiling

The first step in planning interior acoustics is usually to install a wall-to-wall ceiling. A wide range of edges, colors and installation options tailored to the technical requirements of the room allows you to create an interesting interior providing acoustic comfort. Ecophon Focus suspended ceilings are our largest product family. Excellent acoustic performance and attractive design, as well as a wide variety of applications, are a brilliant tool in the hands of architects and interior designers. The Focus family includes 10 different edge types and 6 unique additional solutions to achieve stylish level changes, wall junction finishes and incorporate free-hanging elements. The rich colors of the ceiling tiles, which are constantly updated in accordance with the latest trends, provide a wide range of design possibilities. With Ecophon Focus systems, creating an acoustically optimal interior cannot be boring.

Office, Warsaw
Architect: Kreativa Architects of Interiors
Products: Ecophon Focus Ds.

Photo by Nate Cook

Wall panels the answer to horizontal sound reflections

To design a really good acoustic environment, you need additional sound-absorbing elements strategically placed throughout the room. An acoustic ceiling is the first choice however bare walls will still remain a source of reverberation. The solution to this problem is Akusto's sound-absorbing wall panels, which improve speech clarity, reduce sound strength, limit sound propagation and eliminate fluttering echoes. The variety of shapes, colors, forms and even the possibility of custom printing are an added bonus, opening the floodgates to your dream project. The panels are available with Texona, Super G and Akutex FT coatings, and the entire Akusto family offers many opportunities to customize solutions and create unique, expressive configurations. Many installation options are also available.

Project: House of Culture, Polkowice
Architect: Archiprojekt, Banaś/Alan Abramowicz (pattern on Akusto Wall).
Product: Ecophon Akusto Wall C with custom imprint and Ecophon Solo Square

Photo: Bartosz Makowski

Ecophon Solo - breaks standards

Ecophon Solo free-hanging acoustic panels can be used where installation of full-surface ceilings is not possible or advisable. Following the latest trends, the Ecophon Solo system allows you to create unusual and intriguing design solutions. The 40 mm thick free-hanging tiles in a wide range of sizes, shapes, colors, coatings and installation options make it possible to realize even the craziest, artistic design ideas with optimal acoustic performance. In addition, Ecophon Solo Baffles are vertically mounted, and the new Solo Steel and Solo Textile panel surfaces allow you to play with textures.

Facility: Opera Office, Wroclaw, Poland
Architect: mode:lina™
Products: Ecophon Solo Baffle

Photo: Marcin Ratajczak

Modern and quiet

We often underestimate the importance of acoustics. Sound has a huge impact on us, and scientific data confirms the benefits of good acoustic conditions in interiors. That's why it's so important to take care of acoustics already at the stage of designing a room.

Ecophon's variety of sound-absorbing ceiling and wall systems is our quick response to changing trends and design challenges. There are also Ecophon Hygiene systems to meet high hygiene requirements for hospitals or pharmaceutical facilities, for example. Ecophon Super G systems, on the other hand, are impact resistant and will prove successful in sports halls.

Project: Sports hall in elementary school no. 2, Piaseczno
Architect: VITARO
Product: Ecophon Super G Plus A

Photo: Bartosz Makowski

We can advise and help

A comprehensive range of Ecophon products is available on our website We will be happy to answer any questions and help you design your original interior. Feel free to contact us.

For more information, visit Ecophon Saint Gobain 's A&B website.

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