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Iron Click roof panels - Budmat's original idea

05 of March '21

Iron Click Roof Panels.
From the series "Roofing - trends 2021"

Trends in the roofing market for 2021 continue the pursuit of excellence in terms of aesthetics. No visible screws, minimal embossing, simple forms and shapes. Budmat has been following this trend for years, providing investors with solutions based on its original ideas.

The latest result of our efforts is Iron Click Roof Panels. Roof panels are a group of products increasingly desired by investors. They delight with their simplicity, elegance and space arrangement possibilities. They are particularly suitable for "modern barn" type building projects.

IRON Click is a premium product, combining 30 years of experience in steel roofing. We have used in it many patented, proprietary solutions that significantly affect the ease of installation and, above all, the aesthetics of the finished roofing.

© Budmat

Especially for the IRON Click range of roof panels, we have developed a new reinforced lock that guarantees precise and durable longitudinal bonding. The lock is additionally contoured, making the edge of the applied panel completely invisible. The lock itself is finished with a perfectly fitting bezel, which, when bent, covers its front.

At the longitudinal joints of the sheets, we designed special lie-bys for screws - they ensure proper dilation of the panels as a result of steel expansion under the influence of temperature changes.

All the above-mentioned solutions are our original ideas, which have an incredible impact on the aesthetics and elegance of the finished roofing.

Iron Click panel with low microwave

© Budmat

A distinctive feature of IRON Click roof panels is the possibility of individual configuration in terms of finish - each panel is available in a standard version without embossing, as well as with trapezoidal embossing, with low and high microwave. Each of the listed finishes can be additionally mottled. The possibilities are many, so the investor can give his roofing an individual look and character that is not found anywhere else. Everything is complemented by a wide range of colors and coatings, with a guarantee of up to 50 years, providing even more comfort and peace of mind.

The crowning glory of the entire system is the dedicated flashings - starter and ventilation strips, as well as the GTR ridge.

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