How to design a mood with color? Architect's advice

02 of October '23

The psychology of color, although it is still a developing field of science, is already emerging as a tool for improving the quality of life. According to research, colors have an astounding effect on emotions, so they should be an important element in interior design. Interior architect Piotr Redlisz-Redlicki talks about the conscious use of colors in composing spaces.

How do colors affect us?

Color psychology focuses on understanding how colors evoke different emotions. This knowledge is invaluable to interior designers, as it allows them to create spaces that foster certain moods and actions. Research suggests that how we percive colors have roots in ancient times, when humans associated dark blue skies with night and peace, and bright yellow sun with light and energy. Some color preferences may even stem from evolution - prehistoric women, as gatherers, developed the ability to recognize red fruits among greens, which influenced the later color preferences of future generations of women, liking shades of red or pink.

- Color, as an element of interior design, plays a key role in shaping the home atmosphere and well-being of residents. It is an important tool that can influence emotions, mood and the overall perception of a space. The influence of color in interior design is proven and widely used by professionals in the interior design industry - says Piotr Redlisz-Redlicki.

Kolory mogą wpływać na nasze samopoczucie

Colors can influence our mood


An individual blend

Contemporary research shows that where we live influences which colors we associate with positive emotions. For example, Egyptians rarely associated the color yellow with joy, while Finns felt more content when seeing it. Color not only affects us emotionally, but also physiologically. Green can increase creativity by 15% and improve productivity by 6%, blue lowers blood pressure and heart rate, while red can increase them.

- The effect of color on mood is very subjective and can vary depending on personal preferences and experiences. That's why it's important to tailor your shade palette to your individual needs and goals. When designing interiors, it is also a good idea to experiment with different combinations, this makes it easier to achieve the intended effect. Interior design professionals consider not only single colors, but also their harmonious combinations. Interior color schemes can be tailored to the function of the room and the goals of the project. A good understanding of color theory makes it possible to create consistent and aesthetically pleasing arrangements - notes Piotr Redlisz-Redlicki.

Odbiór kolorów jest subiektywny. Zastanów się więc dobrze nad barwami, które chcesz mieć w swoim wnętrzu

The perception of colors is subjective. So think carefully about which ones you want in your interior

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How to use colors in a space?

Here are some tips on using colors from architect Piotr Redlisz-Redlicki:


This is a color full of energy and passion. Introducing red into an interior, can increase the level of excitement and activity. However, too much red can also lead to feelings of stress and aggression.

Czerwień jest kolorem pełnym energii

Red is a color full of energy

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This is a color associated with calmness and relaxation. Bright shades of blue can help reduce stress and tension levels. It is an ideal choice for bedrooms or places where we want to calm down.

Niebieski uspokaja

Blue is calming

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The color of nature, symbolizing harmony and balance. Green can help create a welcoming and relaxing environment. It is an excellent choice for rooms where we want to relax and breathe.

Zielony pomaga się zrelaksować

Green helps you relax

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It is a color full of joy and energy. It can lift the mood and stimulate mental activity. However, too intense yellow can cause feelings of anxiety.

Żółty poprawia nastrój

Yellow improves mood

Photo: Ewa Kania


A color associated with luxury and mystery. Light shades of purple can help you relax, while intense purple can awaken creativity.

Fiolet kojarzony jest z luksusem

Purple is associated with luxury

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It is the color of enthusiasm and warmth. Orange can lift mood and increase energy. It is an excellent choice for spaces where we want to motivate and take action.

Pomarańczowy motywuje do działania

Orange motivates you to take action

Photo: Zasoby Studio

Brown and beige

These colors are associated with nature and the earth. They are subdued, which makes them helpful in creating cozy and calm interiors.

Kolory ziemi tworzą przytulne wnętrze

Earthy colors create a cozy interior

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A symbol of purity and simplicity. White can make a room seem larger and more spacious. However, if overused - it can give the impression of a cold space.

Biel optycznie powiększa przestrzeń

White optically enlarges the space

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