How to use art in interior design? Tips from an architect

30 of November '23

Art can add atmosphere to an interior. It is also a great way to show our personality through the arrangement. Designer Barbara Steciak, owner of the VIVA DESIGN studio, has been including paintings by Polish painters in her designs for years. Today she advises how we can do it in our own home.

Sztuka może odmienić wnętrze

Art can transform an interior

Photo by Marcin Stesiak © VIVA DESIGN

Express yourself

For some time now we can notice a clear return of art to interiors. Today architects and designers advise clients on what painting or sculpture to choose. Investors, on the other hand, appreciate not only the decorative aspect, but also the investment. Is art influenced by trends?

- The most important thing in my projects is authenticity. Both mine, as the person who creates a given concept and then watches over its implementation, and my clients'. It's worth following trends, because they also touch certain areas related to art, and some stay with us for a long time. However, others disappear after a season. On the other hand, I approach art very emotionally. For me it has to harmonize with the personality of the inhabitants, looking at it has to evoke some kind of mood - says designer Barbara Steciak.

Zadbaj o to, aby dobrze komponowało się z resztą wystroju

Make sure art blends well with the rest of the decor

Photo by Marcin Stesiak © VIVA DESIGN

How to use art to create an arrangement?

It is worth remembering that if you want to highlight a particular piece of art, it should fit in with the interior. Consider how it will affect the style and character of the space, and whether it will correspond with other furniture and materials. Art can be used to create a compositional or decorative point or, for example, to brighten up a dark space. Even the smallest pieces add depth to an interior and make it more personal.

- What I appreciate about art is that it can surprise us. A painting can beautifully "dress up" an interior, sometimes it is the main character in a room, and sometimes it is its background. What's more, art can be a luxury we don't expect - the designer adds.

Sztuka sprawia, że wnętrze jest bardziej osobiste

Art makes an interior more personal

Photo by Marcin Stesiak © VIVA DESIGN

Art can be used to create a coherent design concept or be an element that breaks the monotony of interior design. Don't be afraid to mix modern design with, for example, impressionist art. It can be a very interesting combination. And most importantly, a painting or sculpture in an interior is much more than just a decoration in the house. It is a way to express ourselves, what we like and what appeals to us.

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