Designer faucets for your kitchen and bathroom

Are you designing a bathroom or kitchen?
Here are interesting kitchen and bathroom fixtures for you!

DEN-BWW.080 ZŁOTY SZCZOTKOWANY (MAT) – bateria wannowa 3-otworowa

DEN-BWW.080 GOLDEN DETAILED (MAT) - 3-hole bath mixer.


Blue Water Group Faucets (ART PLATINO and Blue Water) - a leading manufacturer of high-quality brass and stainless steel faucets and accessories, offers an extraordinary series of bathroom faucets.

APALA GRAFIT (GUN METAL) - bateria kuchenna z podłączeniem do wody filtrowanej oraz wyciąganą wylewką

APALA GRAFIT (GUN METAL) - kitchen faucet with filtered water connection and pull-out spout.


Striking often unique design for the discerning!

  • Perfectly smooth, velvety to the touch finish of the faucet shell thanks to ULTRA-SOFT technology (low-pressure body casting).

  • Extremely durable, high water pressure resistant KEROX ceramic heads withstand 500,000 cycles even at unstable water pressure.

DEN-BUN.010 ZŁOTY SZCZOTKOWANY (MAT) - bateria umywalkowa

DEN-BUN.010 GOLDEN HAPPENED (MAT) - washbasin faucet.


  • Three-layer plating (copper, nickel and chrome) made with high precision.

  • Castings produced with computer-controlled HYUNDAI machines, which ensures the highest quality and tightness of the faucet bodies.

  • NEOPERL aerators guarantee optimal water consumption.

DEN-BPU.110 ZŁOTY SZCZOTKOWANY (MAT) - bateria umywalkowa podtynkowa

DEN-BPU.110 GOLDEN HAPPENED (MAT) - washbasin faucet for concealed installation.


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