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Fashionable III - a modern combination of a house with a flat and sloping roof

The project is a modern combination of a house with a flat and sloping roof. It fits in with the natural as well as the urbanized surroundings.

Modny III projektu Doomo

© Doomo

The flat part of the house, although it is a small part of the roof, is an important element of the whole block. It gave it a dynamic, horizontal character. It made it possible to obtain a large, comfortable covered terrace and an entrance area. A modern equivalent of the former veranda was created.

Modny III projektu Doomo Modny III projektu Doomo

© Doomo

The interior of the house is characterized by great spaciousness. This can also be seen in the open space connecting the rooms of the living area with the hall of the first floor. At the same time, thanks to the clear zoning of functions, the house is cozy and provides a sense of intimacy.

rzut parteru Modny III projektu Doomo

projections: first floor and attic

© Doomo

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