Invite ions inside and breathe fresh air!

Did you know that the air indoors, where we spend much of the day, can be up to five times more polluted than outside? However, by using health-promoting materials for interior wall finishes, we can ensure a friendly indoor microclimate and take a milestone toward healthy living.

The healthiest air will be found in the forest, in the mountains, at the seaside and, above all, near waterfalls. This is due to good negative ions, the concentration of which is very high in these places. They act as natural magnets for pollen and fine dust - they combine with them and fall to the ground. The more ions in the air, the cleaner it is.

The optimal situation is when there are at least 1000 ions per cm³ in the air. In enclosed spaces this number usually does not exceed 250 per cm³, and in apartments located in urban centers it is often below 100 per cm³. Baumit has developed a system of Baumit Ionit interior wall finishing products that allows us to increase the number of good ions in interiors to 2000-4000 per cm³. This allows us to enjoy fresh air not only in nature, but also while staying in our four corners.

Stężenie jonów
w różnych miejscach

Table of ion concentrations in different places


Air-purifying paint

The main role in the system is played by Baumit IonitColor mineral paint, which increases the amount of natural ions in the air in a short time and thus significantly improves its quality. How does it work? We already explain.

Air, due to its natural moisture content, contains a large number of water molecules. When they come into contact with the special mineral component contained in Baumit lonitColor wall paint, they become charged and turn into ions. The higher their concentration, the more pollen is bound and falls to the floor. In this way, the air is cleansed and breathing becomes noticeably easier, which affects our well-being - natural ions support the immune system, improve concentration, accelerate recovery and minimize the risk of allergic reactions.

Research conducted on birch pollen proves that in interiors where the walls have been finished with the Baumit Ionit system, their concentration drops significantly faster than in rooms where traditional paint has been used - by up to 90% after 30 minutes. The paint's effect has been confirmed by Germany's Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics and the Medical University of Vienna.

Bez Baumit Ionit –
pyłki brzozy unoszą się w powietrzu. Po prawej pomieszczenie z Baumit Ionit – pyłki brzozy zostały związane przez jony
w powietrzu

On the left, a room without Baumit Ionit - birch pollen floats
in the air. On the right room with Baumit Ionit - birch pollen
was bound by ions in the air and under the weight of
more than 90% of it fell to the floor in 30 minutes.


In the system better

In order for the potential of Baumit IonitColor paint to be fully utilized, it is worth using it in a system with Baumit IonitFinish and Baumit IonitFino moisture-regulating joint compounds. The number of water molecules in the air is always high enough, which creates ideal conditions for Baumit IonitColor paint to produce ions.

Choosing the right materials for finishing a house makes it a place of rest, relaxation and regeneration in the full sense of these words. The results of research carried out at the Baumit Viva research park confirm that the road to healthy living leads through proper thermal insulation, solid walls and a beneficial plaster system. It is up to us alone to create an environment among our four corners that allows us to enjoy well-being.

System produktów
Baumit Ionit

Baumit Ionit product system


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