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PIGMENT Polish Paint Factory

PIGMENT is an independent manufacturer of paints and construction chemicals - since 1973. We offer paints and enamels, preparations and primers, varnishes and impregnates, products for floors (epoxy coatings), plaster and putty compounds, and high-quality system solutions aimed at developers, investors and architects and individual customers.

Farby Epoksydowe
PIGMENT. Również do kontaktu z żywnością i wodą pitną.

PIGMENT Epoxy Paints. Also for contact with food and drinking water.


Our system solutions:

  • GAUDIOS lime decorations - Italian technology based on the best raw materials found in the market of minerals.
  • Hygienic paints with antibacterial and antifungal properties, certified for use in facilities of the 5th cleanliness class according to ISO 14644-1.
  • Antigraffiti system - a set of preparations designed to protect the surface of masonry.
  • Waterproofing system.
  • DryProtech system - innovative technology for drying, desalination, consolidation and hydrophobization of old, wet masonry.

Farby Higieniczne PIGMENT. Zawierają srebro.

PIGMENT Hygienic Paints. They contain silver.


As a family-owned company, we are close to our customers, serving with top-quality products and comprehensive technical advice.
You can count on our support at every stage of the investment from the project, through implementation, as well as after the application of our products.

Chemiczny proces
fotokatalizy. Technologia przyjazna środowisku.

Chemical process of photocatalysis. Environmentally friendly technology.


TITANIUM® Photocatalytic Paints.

We are a pioneer in the implementation of environmentally friendly technologies, the creator of TITANIUM® photocatalytic paints that are anti-smog and purify the air of allergens, bacteria and viruses.

Ekologiczny mural

Eco-friendly anti-smog mural made with Titanium® paints. Air purifying.


Water-based paints are designed for painting building elements: FA - outdoors, IN - indoors. They contain a catalyst obtained through nanotechnology.

They protect walls from moisture absorption, give an aesthetic and durable appearance, limiting their dirtiness.

  • TITANIUM FA - self-cleaning and ecological facades, the paint is anti-smog, removes pollutants, reduce algae and lichen overgrowth, "VOC close to ZERO".

Farby fotokatalityczne

Titanium® photocatalytic paints


  • TITANIUM IN - virus and bacteria free interior of your home, allergy friendly, photocatalytic process removes viruses and bacteria and fumes leaving the air clean and safe, "VOC close to ZERO".

Farby fotokatalityczne

Titanium® photocatalytic paints


We create all our products with people and the environment in mind, caring for the future of the next generations.

For more information, visit the company 'sPIGMENT page on thePdD portal.

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