STABILL - a complete interior finishing system

Are you planning a small renovation because your teenager no longer accepts the decor of his room? Or maybe you only have to put the walls and ceilings in order before moving to a new house? Or maybe you're on a tight deadline and you need to put up 1000 m2 of walls as soon as possible? Stabill brand products will help in this kind of project.

For 25 years, our company has been supplying the construction market with high-quality interior finishing products. Regardless of the scope of the work and the time needed to complete it, you will find the right products in our offer.

Gładkie białe
ściany po użyciu gładzi STABILL PM-70

Smooth white walls after using STABILL PM-70 finishing coat


If you are carrying out a renovation with the use of gypsum cardboard panels, the Stabill brand offers both an adhesive for gluing the panels (STABILL PKG-28) and aa set of materials for finishing them - from jointing compound for joints without tape (STABILL PK-52) or with a reinforcing tape (STABILL PM-60), to putty for smoothing the boards (STABILL PW-01) and, finally, a whole set for making top-quality, white, smooth finishes. The range of smoothers includes products that have been proven for years, such as STABILL PG-41 or Unikat, as well as ready-made smoothers for application by hand, with a roller and with STABILL hydrodynamic units from PM-50 to PM-70.

Wnętrze salonu wykończone gładzią STABILL PM-50 z wykorzystaniem agregatu natryskowego

Interior of the showroom finished with STABILL PM-50 finishing coat using a spray unit


If you want to bring the plaster surfaces inside the apartment up to scratch, you can use STABILL PW-01 putty, which is necessary to fill in the defects, and then pre-level the walls and ceilings with ready-to-use STABILL PM-50 finishing coat, and finally use STABILL PG-41 or STABILL PM-60 finishing products, which will bring the surfaces to perfect smoothness.

Spoinowanie płyt
gipsowo–kartonowych masą szpachlową STABILL PK-52

Jointing plasterboard with STABILL PK-52 joint compound


If you are in a hurry and have a considerable amount of square meters to level, the Stabill brand portfolio will also prove useful.
You can apply most products by machine. In addition, you can distribute STABILL PM-70 lightweight smoothing effortlessly with tools of above-average size, which will significantly reduce the time for applying it to walls.

Wyroby marki STABILL do prac
remontowych na ścianach i sufitach

STABILL brand products for renovation work on walls and ceilings


The wide range of Stabill products makes it possible to use them to choose the right technology for the work depending on: the quality of the walls and ceiling before the renovation, the time for their execution and the expected final result.
The portfolio includes products based on the highest quality gypsum (PW-01, PG-41), modern dry mixtures based on flexible polymers (Unikat, PGN-31) and ready-mixes for making perfectly smooth walls (PM-50, PM-60, PM-65, PM-70).

wnętrze wykończone gładzią STABILL PG-41

Snow-white interior finished with STABILL PG-41 plasterboard


The Stabill brand will soon be expanded with a range of interior paints (primers and topcoats), which will complete the system for complete professional interior finishing.

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