Sunshades and glareshields

Sunshades and glareshields


The decision to install sunshades or anti-burglary covers is best made at the building design level. However, it is possible to install them later, without interfering too much with the current state of the building.

why is it worth installing sunshades?

Today on the market there are a number of options for shielding from the sun. These include not only roller blinds, but also marquees, blinds, or shading devices. On sunny and hot days, we can decide for ourselves how much light enters our interior. Blinds drawn in the summer do not let the sun's rays through, so the interior does not heat up as much as with uncovered windows. In winter, on the other hand, they provide additional thermal insulation and reduce heat loss.

We often forget that they provide a complementary noise barrier against noise coming from the outside, as well as from inside the building. When you want to ensure intimate comfort inside, simply close the blinds.


Sun blinds not only improve comfort during the day, but also at night. Roller blinds can be integrated with mosquito nets, which protects interiors from insects and allows you to enjoy the fresh air on warm evenings.

For some people, installing sun blinds also serves a security function. And while they are not strictly an anti-burglary product, they certainly make it very difficult to enter a building. On the other hand, burglary roller shutters have such a reinforced structure and increased impact resistance that damaging them or lifting them is quite a challenge. The latest technological and construction solutions are sure to satisfy even the most demanding customers.

Sunshades are also ideal for people who enjoy nightlife. When the day rises too quickly on summer nights, you can close the blinds and quietly go to bed without being exposed to the early rays of the sun.