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Modular shelving for the office

25 of November '19

Balma Stepps bookcases
Design: Piotr Kuchcinski

Balma Stepps modular shelving system is an ideal solution for any interior: office, apartment and public spaces. It is a system that allows you to create wall-mounted, free-standing bookcases accessible from two sides and corner bookcases.

The idea that guided the design of the system was to achieve technological and aesthetic consistency in both form, construction and use. This resulted in a piece of furniture that is completely flexible and adaptable to the needs of users, who can individually arrange the space around them.
Using Balma Stepps bookcases, you can separate passageways, as well as create places for work, play or relaxation.

The bookcases are built from elements that can be freely composed. Metal ladders are connected by shelves, creating a stable structure. Standard heights from 1 to 7 OH, 3 widths of shelves, cabinets and boxes, a wide range of additional sliding doors, create an extremely wide range of possibilities for customizing the bookcase to meet functional, spatial and aesthetic needs.

Balma Stepps modular shelving system, designed by Piotr Kuchcinski, was honored with the prestigious German Design Award 2020 and the Must Have 2019 title.

Balma Floo flowerbeds
Designed by Aleksandra Hyz, Aleksandra Mętlewicz

Balma Floo is a project created with the green office in mind. A system of geometric metal flowerbeds for organizing office work and for displaying plants in offices. The lightweight, modern design for flowers can also serve as a hanger for utensils or a magnetic board for notes.

Biophilic design uses plants to create natural living and working conditions. In offices where there is no vegetation, one simply works less efficiently, while where flowers are present, rates are better. It is estimated that this can be a difference of up to 15%. Balma Floo is the answer to the natural need for contact with nature in the workplace.
Balma Floo handles the space lightly. The structure is based on a steel thin profile of only 10 mm thick, forming panels and shelves. The filling of the flowerbeds consists of two types of mesh: 50x50 mm and 15x75 mm or full sheet metal. The individual elements are connected to each other and can be freely configured.

The Balma Floo flowerbed system was among the finalists for the Good Design 2019 award.

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