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OCTANORM system for arranging rooms with aluminum frames

05 of December '22

OCTANORM system solutions are characterized by a wide range of applications: from advanced exhibition stands through modular exhibition systems to interior design. Extremely rich offer of aluminum profiles and accessories allows realization of the boldest projects, in which coherent elements can form: walls, ceilings, floors.

OCTANORM systems can be recognized by a number of positive features: high quality, excellent finish, exceptionally long service life, simple installation, timeless aesthetic design, as well as sustainability-friendly - structures made of aluminum, a lightweight, stable, recyclable material.

Pomieszczenia z podświetlonymi ścianami

Rooms with illuminated walls



OCTAwall PRO - modular aluminum wall structure suitable for mounting LED screens. LED panels placed in the frames create a consistent aesthetic wall surface with a depth of only 80 mm. The frames are double-sided and come in various formats, including curved. They are adapted not only for mounting LED screens. The frame design allows the attachment of textile, acoustic material and various types of panels. Regardless of the application of the system, be it a trade show development, a hybrid showroom, a museum or a multimedia presentation - OCTAwall PRO meets not only technical requirements, but also leaves room for creativity.

OCTAwall PRO - idealne rozwiązanie do muzeum, prezentacji multimedialnych, salonu wystawowego, zabudowy targowej

OCTAwall PRO - the ideal solution for museum, multimedia presentations, showroom, trade show development



The illuminated frames and walls are sure to catch everyone's attention.Perfect appearance, evenly illuminated graphics, modular design, all this makes the OCTALUMINA system the most desirable solution for interior design. Rooms with illuminated doors, mounted flush with the wall, blend into the overall picture of the development. This creates an impressive spatial impression.

Podświetlane ramy i ściany z grafiką tekstylną

Illuminated frames and walls with textile graphics



OCTAclad is the world's first frame system for enclosing containers with large-format graphics - without any interference with the container enclosure. The ready-made aluminum frames, with the help of special angle brackets, are easily attached to the existing container structure. The mounting elements are designed so that they do not interfere with the structure of the container enclosure. Graphics made on a special polyester material can be easily replaced.

System ram na grafikę wielkoformatową do kontenerów

Frame system for large format graphics for containers


For more information, visit the company's OCTANORM page on the PdA portal.

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