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Ecophon - suspended ceilings with the best acoustic performance

07 of December '21

Ecophon's wide range of products offers almost unlimited design possibilities for interior design. Numerous edges and formats, rich colors of panels and constructions, surfaces adapted to different rooms, excellent sound-absorbing properties, and a high percentage of recycled material used in production - these are just some of the features of Ecophon systems.


Ecophon develops, manufactures and markets acoustic products and systems that contribute to creating a good environment for work, study, convalescence, as well as entertainment.
Our primary focus is on reproducing natural acoustic performance in rooms. Our goal is to create conditions that are optimal for human hearing, in which sounds and speech are clearly audible and intelligible, thus positively affecting the well-being and productivity of the occupants.
Sustainability is at the heart of who we are and how we operate. It's a promise to take greater care of all our colleagues, customers and partners every day and in every aspect. It's an approach to innovation that ensures we always stand on the side of nature and consider the needs and living environment of the people who will be our ultimate customers. It's also a commitment to take as little as possible and do more than is expected of us, so that future generations can enjoy life on our planet as much as we do.
We are proud to have achieved an industry-record low carbon footprint, and our products are certified for their low emissions and environmental impact.

Wyspy akustyczne Ecophon Solo w kolorze White Frost i Silver Stone

Ecophon Solo acoustic islands in White Frost and Silver Stone colors



Installation of full suspended ceilings provides the best acoustic performance and a wide range of interior design options. Modular ceilings can be designed in classic layouts, as well as create custom combinations thanks to the availability of many edges, formats, colors, levels and tile installation options.

Ecophon Master Eg – system z czarnymi krawędziami i konstrukcją

Ecophon Master Eg - a system with black edges and construction



Ecophon Solo, the best-known family of free-hanging systems, includes panels in numerous shapes and sizes, available in a wide range of colors, mounting options and fashionable coatings. The system is ideal for projects where it is impossible or inadvisable to install a full ceiling. Modern design and the ability to design your own shape, combined with top-level acoustics, will help create a unique interior atmosphere.

Wyspy akustyczne Ecophon Solo z indywidualnym nadrukiem

Ecophon Solo acoustic islands with customized printing



Low-emissive, versatile and durable wall panels are the perfect complement to sound-absorbing ceilings. A variety of colors and coatings will allow you to design interesting wall arrangements that not only enliven the interior, but also reduce horizontal reflections of sound waves providing acoustic comfort to users.

Ecophon Focus™ Levels to system sufitowy o różnych grubościach, rozmiarach i kolorach. Aranżacja uzupełniona o panele ścienne Akusto One

Ecophon Focus™ Levels is a ceiling system with different thicknesses, sizes and colors. An arrangement complemented by Akusto One wall panels


For more information, visit the company's ECOPHON, SAINT-GOBAIN page on the PdA portal.

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