3 designs inspired by the heart

14 of February '24

February 14 is the time of love. So Valentine's Day is the perfect opportunity to look at designer furnishings with a heart motif.

Cuore chair

Cuore is a new version of the iconic Thonet chair. Its metamorphosis was carried out by Maciej Franta. The architect decided to combine a chair and a table into one form.

- Once I was sitting on the outside of a typical Parisian café. Behind me was a wall and in front of me street life was going on. The sidewalk was so narrow that my round table was getting trumped by passersby every now and then. I thought then that maybe we didn't need that much space to drink wine or eat croque monsieur - Maciej Franta describes the genesis of the idea for the project.

Cuore to nowa odsłona krzesła Thonet

Cuore is a new version of the Thonet chair

© Paged

Love in Bloom vase

The porcelain vase by Italian brand Seletti is shaped like a real heart. It can be placed or hung on the wall. The place for flowers is created by arteries. Such a vase will beautifully display a Valentine's Day bouquet.

Wazon Love in Bloom

Love in Bloom vase

© WestwingNow

Heart Cone Chair

An armchair designed by Dane Verner Panton. The piece of furniture has an interesting history. When the armchair was first presented in the showcase of a furniture store in New York, it caused a huge commotion. The interest was so great that the police had to shut down traffic and then ordered the armchair to be hidden inside the showroom.

- The main goal of my work is to provoke people to use their imagination. Most spend their lives in dreary gray and beige conformist homes, deathly afraid of using color. By experimenting with light, colors, materials, furniture and using the latest technologies, I try to show other ways to get people to use their imagination and make their surroundings more exciting — Verner Panton said of his design.

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