This chair will steal your heart! Cuore by Maciej Franta

20 of April '23

The iconic Thonet chair has acquired a new form. Thanks to Maciej Franta's design, the piece of furniture has become an inspiration for spending time together.

Cuore to revamping klasycznego krzesła Thonet

Cuore is a revamping of the classic Thonet chair

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Usually a chair functionally serves only one person. Thus, it represents a detached object devoid of human interaction and integration with the environment. Common time is instead spent at the table. Maciej Franta decided to combine these two pieces of furniture, creating a proposal for modifying and revamping the classic Thonet chair. The furniture was created in cooperation with the Paged brand and is part of the Alter Ego collection, which debuted at the Salone del Mobile in Milan.

- Once upon a time I was sitting on the outside of a typical Parisian café. Behind me was a wall, and in front of me was street life. The sidewalk was so narrow that my round table was trumped every now and then by passersby. I thought then that maybe we didn't need that much space to drink wine or eat croque monsieur - Maciej Franta describes the genesis of the design idea.

Krzesło ma mały stoliczek w kształcie serca

The chair has a small heart-shaped table

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The main idea of the project is to transform the already iconic Thonet chair with a single addition. The result is a piece of furniture designed to comfortably spend time together with another person. Cuore is meant to be a kind of "glue" that brings people together over a glass of wine or a cup of coffee.

Krzesło funkcjonuje w dowolnej konfiguracji

The chair functions in any configuration

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Cuore works in tandem with the other chair in any configuration and different compositional relationships. The heart-shaped table is movable and we can adjust it at will. The furniture is meant to be a manifesto of love, togetherness, interaction, joining of souls and understanding. An attempt to isolate the individual in space and an encouragement to establish ties in relationship with another person. Its literalness and expressive form is meant to stand out in the space.

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