Eternal summer - accessories with flowers embedded in resin

07 of July '22

Plants embedded in resin have conquered the world of jewelry. The uniqueness of these products has made them conquer the hearts of lovers of original design. This unusual item can also decorate our interiors.

Krystaliczna gałka okrągła

Crystal round knob


Furniture jewelry

The most popular interior accessories with flowers in resin are furniture knobs. This ornate piece will add an elegant touch to an arrangement. - We think it is a wonderful detail that adds character to the furniture and the whole interior. They are like brooches that complete the whole styling. An ordinary old chest of drawers is able to turn it into a noble piece of furniture, which fits in with our philosophy of "renew something before you buy new," says Anna Sliwka, architect and creator of the POLNO brand, which specializes in resin products. The handles are available in round or rectangular versions with crystal, white or honey-colored backgrounds. Knobs with tchotchkes on a white background match virtually any front trim. On the other hand, crystal and honey-colored handles beautifully refract the light. Knobs with whole hydrangea flowers, which have a beautiful discoloration, will be perfect for a boho-style interior.

Gałka z owsem różowym

Knob with pink oats


A unique piece

All resin products are created by hand. Also, thanks to the use of real flowers, each gadget is absolutely unique. In addition, we can embed virtually anything in resin. Thanks to this, there are also themed products, such as forest knobs filled with pinecones, heather, needles and even tiny mushrooms. We can also find holders with seashells, which will remind us of vacations at the sea every day. Such a jewel-like detail will create a colorful and eye-catching element of the interior. Their uniqueness makes them ideal as an original gift for a loved one.

Krystaliczne uchwyty pięknie załamują światło

The crystal handles beautifully refract the light


How are resin products created?

First you need to find the right flowers. So the creation of these unique gadgets begins with contact with nature. Walks in fields and forests and searches in gardens. Sometimes flowers from local farms are also used. Then, the plants need to be dried. This allows them to retain their natural color and shape. - Working on each scoop is creating a hypnotic microcosm, a small work of art. It reminds us of childhood play, when we would create little "secrets" in the ground from flowers and a piece of glass," describes Anna Sliwka, who co-owns the 370studio architectural studio by day. The office is known for designing, among others, Robert Lewandowski's NINE'S Restaurant & Sports Bar and the central bar and restaurant Zachodni Brzeg in Hala Koszyki. The studio is also responsible for the designs of the Cheese bar and store Fromażeria in Poznań and the Syreni Śpiew club, which we wrote about in our portal.

Tacki na biżuterię z płatkami maku

Jewelry trays with poppy petals


Aesthetic organization

In addition to furniture knobs, there are also ring racks, jewelry trays and apaperweight. Thus, not only jewelry, but also its storage can be stylish. These gadgets were born out of the belief that a well-designed product is both aesthetically pleasing and addresses a specific need. It not only serves the user, but also has that distinctive "something." Home accessories with real flowers will be loved by all people who are looking for decorations with a soul.

Elaboration: Katarzyna Szostak

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