A faithful alternative to brick - clinker tiles

08 of December '21

A faithful alternative to brick - clinker tiles

Their timeless form belongs to aesthetic canons that never age. "Real" fired brick has a large mass and volume. In shades of red, it is associated with durability, stability and centuries-old tradition. It looks beautiful in old buildings. However, using brick as a finish in its natural form in apartments would mean, among other things, a partial reduction in interior volume and loss of valuable floor space.

Modern form of brick

An attractive, visually faithful alternative to real brick can be clinker tiles. Their lightness and ease of installation makes them perfect for both the interior of the apartment and the facade.

Walls made of gypsum board, gypsum-fiber board, cellular concrete or silicate are ideal substrates for clinker tiles. The light weight of this solution allows for easy installation, and the minimal thickness will not reduce our space in any way.

Easy and quick installation means that we can arrange a space with tiles both in the living room and in the kitchen or bathroom. Flexible clinker combines tradition with modern style, so it fits perfectly in any room, exposing whole walls and small elements.

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Original living room

The brickaesthetics and hand-finished texture refract light onto the wall and help achieve a three-dimensional effect. However, we don't have to stay with the traditional brick red. There are many colors and textures available on the market to add variety to our arrangements. Thanks to the wide range, we can get a loft style, as well as a rustic, cozy interior. In our living room, we can not only emphasize the character of the entire room by highlighting the walls, but also highlight individual elements, such as a pillar, column or fireplace. If we want to significantly change the appearance of our apartment, and at the same time want to avoid a major overhaul, clinker tiles are perfect for this.

Thanks to its resistance to temperature fluctuations, lightness and flexibility, ELABRICK will also work well on rounded surfaces and in corners.Dining room arrangement using mineral clinker tile.

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Practical and stain-resistant

Due to their properties and the use of natural materials, flexible clinker tiles are not subject to discoloration and are at the same time very durable. They allow cleanliness and do not require additional finishing or impregnation. They can be used to line the wall above the kitchen countertop, but also to transform the appearance of the kitchen island.

Their properties are worth using especially in rooms exposed to damage and dirt. Passageways, lobbies and corridors, where a lot of people often move around, are the perfect space to use their advantages. We will be able to rest assured about impacts, abrasions and keeping the interior clean. Often overlooked in design projects, the hallway will finally delight our guests from the threshold, and will deprive us of the worry of staining the walls.

For bathrooms and outdoors

Moisture-resistant clinker brick will also give a pleasant atmosphere on the facade of our house. It will be great for terraces and entrances.

On the walls of the bathroom, where it is not uncommonly hot and steamy, you can lay not only tiles with a smooth texture, but also those rough, resembling burnt bricks. This is a fashionable alternative to classic tiles and a dominant decorative element - it will work well to create a background for bathroom furniture.

Also used on the facades of buildings, the clinker tile is resistant to weather conditions. The flexibility of ELABRICK tiles allows them to be easily placed on surfaces with unusual shapes.

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For more information, visit the manufacturer's website ELABRICK / ELASTOLITH® POLSKA on PdD.

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