How to arrange a beautiful and functional terrace?

21 of July '22

A well-designed terrace can turn into a real private oasis. Check out how to design a terrace so that it becomes a favorite place to spend free time in the summer.

A solid base

A great base for arranging a terrace is the boards. Which will be the best? Natural pl anks will work great if you want a terrace inspired by nature. We can choose natural planks made of durable exotic wood such as bangkirai or merbau. Equally durable is spruce or Siberian larch. Composite boards will be an excellent choice for people who want to avoid spending time on wood care. They are resistant to temperature fluctuations and the effects of water. Practical composite pl anks do not rot and are not attacked by insects. Planks also provide an ideal background for furniture, accessories and decorations. You will get a classic effect when the terrace floor is either a smooth plane enriched only by the grain pattern, or a characteristic fine grooving. On the other hand, a modern effect will be brought by sparsely spaced grooves.

Głównymi kryteriami przy wybieraniu mebli na taras powinny być trwałość i odporność na warunki atmosferyczne

The main criteria when choosing furniture for the terrace should be durability and resistance to weather conditions

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Necessary protection

Unfortunately, in our climate the weather can be capricious. In order to fully enjoy the possibilities of your terrace, think about at least a partial roofing. A simple sun umbrellawill work well for a small space. Place it so that it covers a table or lounge furniture. You can also install a sunshade sail using steel cables. An effective and convenient solution is an electronically controlled awning. Thanks to it you will easily shade the selected zone in literally a moment. The stylish, minimalist structure of the metal pergola is made of stable, strong extruded aluminum profiles. An anti-corrosive frame supports a folding roof made of several layers of technical fabric. Freestanding or wall-mounted models are available. The elements of the pergola are connected modularly, which allows the structure to fit any space. The pergola gives full shade and protects against the harmful effects of UV radiation. Terraceola is also an interesting choice. This is a fashionable combination of a pergola and a traditional canopy. It protects not only from rain and bad weather, but also from excessive sun. Because it works exactly like a pergola, it can be rolled up and down.

Najpopularniejsze meble tarasowe wykonane są z drewna

The most popular patio furniture is made of wood

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Comfortable furniture

Before buying patio furniture, you must first of all think about what needs it should meet. Do you need a large table and chairs to receive guests on a weekly basis? Perhaps you just want to create a corner for quietly sipping coffee and reading a book in nature? In either case, you need to consider the location of the balcony door, the way it opens and the exit from the terrace to the garden. These places mark the route of movement, so they should be free of furniture and decorations. Next, use adhesive tape to mark the dimensions of the selected furniture on the terrace floor. With this you can visually determine how much space they will occupy. You will also eliminate the risk of snagging a table or chair every time you go out into the garden.

The main criteria when choosing patio furniture should be durability and weather resistance. The most popular patio furniture is made of wood. Both solid wood structures and lighter wicker braids will work great. However, keep in mind that wooden furniture should be properly protected from changing weather conditions. You can do this with paint, varnish or oil. Outdoor furniture made of technorattan or aluminum will also be ideal. They are distinguished by their extraordinary resistance to external factors. Consider buying modular furniture, which you can freely put together. Thanks to them you will create a structure that meets your needs in any situation.

Warto ozdobić taras roślinami . Nastrojowe oświetlenie z łatwością stworzy urokliwy klimat wieczornych kolacji na tarasie

Plants and atmospheric lighting will create a charming atmosphere

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Stylish accessories

Don't forget about the accessories. They are what add character to the arrangement. Atmospheric lighting will easily create a charming atmosphere for evening dinners on the terrace. You can choose lamps with candles or leds. There are also extremely convenient solar lamps available on the market, which light up at dusk. You will get a beautiful effect by using picturesque garlands, for example, from popular cotton balls. Cushions not only provide comfort, but can also have fancy shapes and patterns, making them one of the highlights of the arrangement. In addition, you can remove and wash the pill owcases very easily, which helps tremendously in keeping your outdoor area clean. A mobile bar will also come in handy, providing access to cool drinks at your fingertips. Even in the summer, nights can be chilly, so it's worth equipping your patio furniture with a few light blankets and rugs. It's also worth creating a kind of transition between the house and the garden and decorate the terrace with plants. These can be summer flowers such as surfinias, begonias or geraniums. You can also set up boxes in which you plant herbs. You can place different types next to each other to create delightful compositions. The fashionable pampas grass will also look great. After the season you can cut it for vases. It will be a fantastic decoration for the apartment.

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