How to paint hard-to-reach areas?

Katarzyna Szostak
17 of January '23

When painting, we come across places that a roller can't reach. In such situations, more precise tools will be needed. What should you stock up on before starting work?

Malowanie ścian

Painting walls

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What to choose.

Places such as the curves of the radiator and the wall behind it, the bends around windows, doors, wall sconces, switches and electrical outlets, as well as corners and recesses of all kinds are quite a challenge when painting walls. To accurately cover these and other nooks and crannies with paint,we need smaller tools than a traditional paint roller. A set of several small brushes and brushes in different sizes will work best to reach the hardest-to-reach folds and crevices. A smaller roller and aspecial model for painting cornersmay also be useful .

Akcesoria do malowania ścian

Accessories for painting walls

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Proper painting

Remember to apply the right amount of paint. This will help you avoid streaks and uncontrolled splashes. To do this, you can stick a strip of painter's tape on the open paint can . Guide the tape from edge to edge so that it is over the sheet of paint inside the can. Gently tap the tape with a brush to get rid of excess paint from thebrush. Hard-to-reach areas are sometimes adjacent to delicate surfaces that should be treated with more care. So remember the right accessories to protect them from paint splashes. To do this, use special masking tape and protective film.

Taśma malarska

Painter's tape


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