Postwar townhouse combining vintage with sustainable design

11 of October '22

Thetwo-room apartment designed byMonika Wierzba-Krygiel is located in a quiet district of Gdansk near the city center.



Photo by Hania Połczyńska

The postwar character of the neighborhood and the building's architecture was the inspiration for the interior design, which would refer to the climate of years ago, but capture it in a modern way. The basic guideline of the project was to create a functional space for two people, where design and color will play a big role.

Painting by Justyna Rudzinska Dizajnerski dodatek w kuchni

Additions in the kitchen

Photo by Hania Połczyńska

The apartment is located in a tenement, and as a result, not much light enters it. So they opted for a light color scheme, complemented by strong accents.

- Working on historical interiors is always a great pleasure for me. I tried to preserve the character of the 1950s tenement, minimally interfering with the existing layout. I used modern technologies and products that fit into the retro atmosphere. Cooperation with the owner of the apartment was exemplary. The investor very consciously defined the guidelines and was not afraid to use bold solutions such as introducing color to the ceiling in the hallway," says Monika Wierzba-Krygiel.


Living room

Photo: Hania Połczyńska

The owner is a lover of design, so the apartment contains pearls of design and beautiful accessories found in stores with unique items and online auctions. Most of the furniture is from Polish manufacturers. Elements from the previous arrangement were also left and vintage furniture was added. The author of the unique painting located in the kitchen is Justyna Rudzinska.

Bathroom In the bathroom you will find an interesting figurine

In the bathroom you will find an interesting figurine

Photo: Hania Połczyńska

The architect took a conscious approach to the renovation in accordance with the principles of sustainable design. She opted for natural and durable materials. In accordance with the 3R principle (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle), it was assumed to minimize construction work. Unnecessary demolition and the addition of slab walls were avoided. Visible plumbing pipes were also preserved. Paints with minimal volatile compounds were also used.

Dark green sofa Green ceiling

In various parts of the apartment you will find elements in saturated green color

Photo: Hania Polczynska

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Elaboration: Katarzyna Szostak

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