Living area in classic style

19 of September '22

The interior of Marta Kolodziej of the MIKK design studio reflects what the architect likes best in the spaces she designs.

Neutral base

The walls throughout the house were painted a very soft beige color, which became a neutral background for the arrangement. The floors are also mostly the same. This makes the space appear larger. The hallway connects the living area with the garage. It is relatively narrow and at the same time very high. Along the entire wall, therefore, a very capacious built-in closet with a seat was created. It is decorated with handles in black and gold.

-The most difficult project is definitely the one of one's own home. As a rule, there is not enough time for it, and the ever-changing trends and interior design news suggest other, more interesting solutions. The interiors I design very rarely reflect one style. The same is true of my house. It combines everything I feel good in. White and black, wood and concrete, elegance and coziness. Contrary to appearances, the juxtaposition of contrasts creates an interesting effect and often combines different stylistic expectations of householders," says Marta Kolodziej.

Przedpokój Plakat w przedpokoju


Photo: Dekorialove


The design of the kitchen consumed the most energy. After all, this is a room where we spend a lot of time and should serve us for many years. Therefore, one cannot make compromises. The finishing materials used should be of excellent quality. This was the case with the satin kitchen fronts, which use an anti-finger varnish for easy cleaning. The entire kitchen is kept in shades of white and black. The interior is warmed by the addition of wood. A very important element is the illuminated display case, in which glassware and several years of tableware are exposed. Another important element is the white countertop. The architect, was initially apprehensive about this choice, however, as she says, she wouldn't swap it for any other. The kitchen area also features a functional island with a sink.



Photo: Dekorialove

Living room

The favorite place of the household is certainly the living room. The main role there is played by a large, comfortable corner sofa in gray. The furniture came with the designer still from the previous apartment. Because it provides plenty of space for relaxation, it is ideal for evening family movie screenings. Next to it stands a fashionable boucle wool armchair in cream color.


Living room

Photo by Dekorialove

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Elaboration: Katarzyna Szostak

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