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Products for the Home - Inspirations and tredny

Are you thirsty for knowledge and hungry for new ideas? If yes we have something for you. Our news is a daily dose of knowledge on a wide variety of topics from wall block rankings to tips on caring for a leather sofa.

We've got you covered.


When building or renovating a house, we have to make a number of decisions, which include, for example, painting walls or choosing moisture-resistant flooring. There are so many different materials and ideas that it's hard to decide what to choose. Through proven manufacturers and innovative materials we advise you on how to get through the process of building and renovating and then operating a house or apartment.

Interesting facts

Design is everywhere you look, even when it comes to technology. Every year we evolve with new innovative designs. If you want to learn about some of the most advanced technologies regarding, among other things, automatic window systems, this is the place to find them. Our tidbits aren't just technical innovations. Some of them are knowledge that has been passed down for years - don't you know how to get rid of mold in the bathroom - these topics are not alien to us.


Adequate inspiration will always help you weave creative and unique ideas into projects. Suppose you're just looking for an idea for building your house or you're planning what facade paint to choose. Or maybe after rearranging any of the walls in the living room seems empty, uninteresting and you are considering various ways to make the walls more attractive?

You can learn all about it in the News section of the Home Products portal.

Lighting, fixtures, furniture - trends 2023
Lighting, fixtures, furniture - trends 2023
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Alnor - leading manufacturer of complete ventilation systems
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