"I often find interesting color combinations in the clothing of people I pass on the street." Paula Selerowicz in the series "10 questions to an interior designer"

02 of August '23

"10 Questions to an Interior Designer" is a series of short talks inspired by the series "10 Questions to...". This time our attention is turned to interior architects. In today's episode, Paula Selerowicz talks about her approach to design.

Paula Selerowicz - a graduate of the Academy of Art and Design in Łódź, Poland, majoring in Interior Design. She gained professional experience working at MoodDesign and JiO offices in Warsaw. Currently, she is the owner of the studio Paula Selerowicz - projektowanie wnętrz. After work, she creates ceramics and runs an account about it on Instagram called CeleryCeramics.

1. For me, home is...

A place where we can relax, feel comfortable and natural. That's why, in the work of an interior designer, it's so important to talk to the client about their needs, leisure activities and habits. This can result in an interior tailored in color, texture or functionality to a particular family.

2. The key to a successful interior design is...

Trust and openness of the investor to the proposed solutions.

3. I look for inspiration in...

Art, movies, while traveling. I often find interesting color combinations in the clothing of people I pass on the street.

4. In cooperation with the investor the most important thing is...

Good communication. There are clients less and more involved in the design process. Of course, the creation of the project is my job, but without the proper involvement of the investor I am not able to prepare an interior tailored to his needs on my own.

5. My favorite design style is...

Eclecticism. I try to draw from different styles and combine them together in one interior. I love strong colors and prints. I really like modern, simple interiors with vintage or boho elements.

6. The most valuable item in my home is...

An azulejos tile from the 16th century, which I bought in an antique shop in a small Portuguese town. I framed it in a large white frame. It beautifully decorates one of the walls of my living room.

7. The most common mistake people make when decorating interiors on their own is....

Lumping everything we like into one space. Mixing styles and colors is great, but also very difficult. Not all shades, textures or shapes work together and can function in one room.

8. My favorite material is.

Stone. I appreciate it very much for its natural beauty, thermal qualities or varied texture.

9. A trend that I would like to see pass already is....

Crystal interior design elements.

10. Someday I would like to live in...


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