"Every project must be tailored." Maja Smichura in the series "10 questions to an interior designer"

22 of March '23

"10 Questions to an Interior Designer" is a series of short talks inspired by the series "10 Questions to...". This time our attention is turned to interior architects. In today's episode, Maja Smichura talks about her approach to design.

Maja Śmichura - a graduate of the Faculty of Architecture at the Poznan University of Technology. She currently holds the position of Architect Manager at Deer Design Interior Design Studio, with which she has been associated since the very beginning of the company. Deer Design is an architectural studio created and managed by Karolina Karwowska-Gajżewska. The company offers investors both turnkey finishing programs and customized interior designs. Being a market leader, it has more than 3,000 projects to its credit. Among them are: investment apartments, apartments, houses, office and commercial spaces.In her work Maja Smichura focuses on an unconventional approach to design and pays attention to details. On a daily basis, she leads a team of 23 architects in the company.

1. home for me is.

My own place, where space is conducive to a break from everyday life. Here I slow down and recharge my batteries for the next day.

2.The key to a successful interior design is...

An in-depth research, thanks to which I can define the needs, requirements and preferences of the investor. Every project needs to be tailored. Getting to know the client and his individual preferences is only the beginning. Then the collected information must gain a concrete form, be included in the functional design of the interior and the recommended style.

3 I look for inspiration....

Literally everywhere, no matter what I am doing or where I am currently staying. Looking for inspiration in today's world is not the most difficult challenge. A keen eye will spot them in art, fashion and, of course, nature. Personally, I do not prefer to take shortcuts, I always try to pay attention to details, appreciate them. I am of the opinion that the detail crowns the work. He is often the impulse that becomes the basis of the visual concept of my project.

4 In cooperation with a developer the most important thing is....

The ability to listen carefully and advise objectively. Developing a good relationship with the client is the basis for success. Without mutual trust, the end result will never be satisfactory, so I spend a lot of time talking to the investor.

5 My favorite design style is.

A miscellany, I say this with a pinch of salt, of course. I prefer a non-standard approach to the investor's template preferences. I try to persuade clients to do something innovative. My role is to show new trends and interesting solutions. Mutual knowledge and trust brings spectacular results.

6 The most valuable item in my house....

I try not to classify objects in this way. I consider the most valuable ones to be those that have sentimental meaning to me. I like to collect things for specific reasons. Recently, my heart was stolen by a marble coffee table that I bought second-hand for my new apartment.

7 The most common mistake in self-decorating is.

Lack of consistency in creating the dream interior, lack of coherence. If we're talking about design, and not the decor itself, then the incompetent separation of functional zones and the lack of adjustment of installations to the planned layout of the space.

8 My favorite material is.

I appreciate a variety of structures, so I can't give a clear answer to this question. It all depends on the project. I strive to put the accent on one chosen material in each interior. I arrange the space so that it stands out. The right choice of materials, structures and textures makes the project multidimensional and interesting. Working at Deer Design, I have access to the best Polish and global brands, so I can go wild in this field.

The 9th trend that I would like to see pass already is.

The one that is currently on top, without specifically pointing it out. Wave trends get boring quickly, and I don't like monotony. High-quality materials and good design are timeless and do not succumb to this sine wave.

10 I would like, someday to live in....

A space where every material, piece of furniture and detail will have sentimental meaning for me.

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