"Natural materials make an interior timeless." Maria Łuczkowska and Szymon Brzozowski in the series "10 questions to an interior designer"

17 of May '23

"10 Questions to an Interior Architect" is a series of short talks inspired by the series "10 Questions to...". This time our attention is turned to interior designers. In today's episode, Maria Łuczkowska and Szymon Brzozowski talk about their approach to design.

Maria Łuczkowska is a graduate of Interior Architecture and Design at the University of Arts in Poznań. Szymon Brzozowski graduated from Architecture and Urban Planning at Poznań University of Technology. Since 2010, together they have been running their own studio LBWA, which deals with interior design and architecture.

1. For us a home is...

A place that gives a sense of security. A space where we feel good and want to return to it.

2. The key to a successful interior design is...

Understanding the needs of the investor by a good and experienced architect. Mutual trust is also an essential aspect for a good project.

3. We look for inspirations in...

Everywhere. Inspiration and those best ideas often come in the least expected moments.

4. In cooperation with the investor, the most important thing is...

Commitment, understanding, trust and good relations.

5. Our favorite interior design style is...

We do not have a favorite interior style. We like interiors that are simple and clean, but we also see beauty in more complex styles. The condition is that the interiors are harmonious and consistently designed.

6. The most valuable item in our home is...

We do not pay attention to material things. If an object is valuable to us it is one, which has sentimental value.

7. The most common mistake we make when doing interior design ourselves is....

Lack of a plan and haste. Incompetent combination of different design elements, materials,
colors and textures. In addition, any functional-utility errors due to lack of experience and knowledge.

8. Our favorite material is...

Any natural materials such as stone or wood. Their uniqueness, textures and colors
make it possible that, depending on the interior, they can completely differently affect the created space.
Natural materials make the interior timeless. They age nobly and do not pretend to do anything.

9. A trend we wish would pass away already is...

We don't know of one. We are not guided by trends in our designs. We design according to our sense of aesthetics.

10. Someday we would like to live in....

We would like to always be able to travel and temporarily live in places with a beautiful view.

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