3 ways to quickly metamorphose the space around your home

02 of June '23

Is the approaching summer prompting you to make changes to your exterior? These three simple renovation and decorating treatments will give your home and its surroundings a fresh new look.

Repaint your paving stones

The possibility of refreshing or changing the look by painting applies not only to furniture or kitchen tiles. You can do the same with the paving stones around your home. Using a stain, you can improve the appearance, even out or deepen the color of paving stones and concrete slabs without having to replace them. The stain penetrates the structure of the material, so the surface does not become slippery and retains its natural appearance. The process is not complicated and can be done by yourself. All you need is a roller, brush or garden sprayer. It is important that the surface covered with the impregnant is dry. The cube should also be cleaned of dirt, dust, mosses and lichens. Before you get down to painting the whole thing, it's a good idea to test-paint a small section to assess the color and number of coats needed to achieve the desired effect. It is recommended that the first layer - the primer - be diluted with water. However, the degree of dilution should not exceed 50%, that is, for every two parts of stain there is one part of water. Before applying the next coat, wait for the primer to dry completely. This should happen within a few hours, depending on the amount of thinner and humidity. It is advisable to paint curbs, angles and harder-to-reach corners with a smaller brush or roller. Application should be done evenly and without interruptions.

Odśwież kostkę za pomocą bejcy

Refresh your pavers with a stain

© Tikkurila

Create a place of relaxation

During the warm months, a large part of domestic life moves to the terrace. Arranging a summer gazebo will not only allow you to be sheltered from the sun and the gazes of outsiders, but will also give the effect of a cozy nook, ideal for relaxation. The lightweight wooden structure of the walls and canopy will provide shade on hot days, and at the same time enough light for potted plants, which are a link to the garden greenery. On such a terrace, furniture made of natural materials - wood and rattan- will work especially well. Decorations made of woven straw, such as pot covers and lanterns, will additionally introduce an idyllic summer atmosphere. A comfortable place to rest or take an afternoon nap will be provided by large floor cushions and seats. The natural beauty of all wooden elements of the terrace will be preserved for a long time, if we do not forget about proper impregnation. A suitable preparation will effectively protect the wood against both changing weather conditions, UV radiation and mold.

Altanka będzie świetnym miejscem relaksu

The gazebo will be a great place to relax

© Tikkurila

Refresh the facade

The appearance of a facade largely determines the aesthetics of a property. However, the requirements for facade products go far beyond mere appearance. Facade paint should provide the facade with durable protection. A silicone product will cover the facade with a hydrophobic coating with low water absorption. At the same time, the paint will allow moisture to drain from the wall due to its high vapor-permeability parameters. In turn, a wide range of well-covering shades will make it possible to realize any ideas, and the ease of painting and fast drying will allow you to reduce the time of work.

Farba silikonowa odświeży i ochroni fasadę

Silicone paint will refresh and protect the facade

© Tikkurila

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