5 Ways to Organize Your Interior in Mid-Century Botanical Style

19 of February '24

How to arrange an interior in the Mid-Century Botanical style? What exactly is this style? We present 5 things that are necessary when creating such an interior.

Mid-Century Bot anical - a trend that originated from the combination of two styles - Mid-Century Modern and Botanical. It is characterized by the combination of luscious green and botanical motifs with clean lines and geometric forms.

Mid-Century Botanical łączy styl Mid-Century Modern z Botanical

Mid-Century Botanical combines the style of Mid-Century Modern with Botanical

© WestwingNow

Green, green and more green

Vibrantgreenery taken from the leaves of exotic plants is the absolute basis of Mid-Century Botanical arrangements. The colors of finishing materials and even accessories should also refer to it. To make the whole look intriguing, play with shades. From celadon to lime to bottle green.

Połącz różne odcienie zieleni

Combine different shades of green

Photo by Devon Janse Van Rensburg © UNSPLASH

Breath of nature

The interior in this style is meant to be a natural extension of the garden. So fill the space with potted plants. Botanical motifs on wallpaper will also work well. Remember that nature is not only greenery, but also wood. Decorations made of this material will perfectly complement the arrangement.

Wprowadź do wnętrza dużo roślin

Bring a lot of plants into the interior

© WestwingNow

Stylish ergonomics

Furnishings in the Mid-Century Modern style are distinguished by high functionality, reflecting the spirit of innovation and optimism of those years. So opt for ergonomic solutions that at the same time stand out with classic aesthetics.

Postaw na nowoczesne wyposażenie o klasycznym wyglądzie

Opt for modern furnishings with a classic look

© Sub-Zero/Wolf

Natural materials

In Mid-Century Botanical style interiors we mix warm wood with natural stone. This is because the finishing materials are supposed to create a sense of cohesion and harmony for us. Marble, for example, in the form of a kitchen countertop , will also work great.

Połącz kilka naturalnych materiałów wykończeniowych np. drewno i marmur

Combine several natural finishing materials such as wood and marble

© Sub-Zero/Wolf

A touch of extravagance

To keep the arrangement from being too boring, bet on one large or several smaller unconventional elements. After all, this style combines two aesthetics. So there is plenty to choose from! Ruby accents will add color, and decorative chandeliers will bring a touch of luxury. However, remember to strike a balance between classic and modern.

Stylowy żyrandol doda elegancji Dodaj do aranżacji jeden charakterystyczny element

Add one distinctive element to the arrangement

Photo by Laura Seaman/Kristine Zalakmentina © UNSPLASH

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