Christmas Eve table decoration - 7 inspirations

21 of December '23

The table is a key element of Christmas gatherings with loved ones. How to decorate it to create a festive atmosphere without making it difficult to eat? We have 7 inspirations for you!

Cozy boho

Christmas table decoration in boho style is based on natural materials and earthy colors. A linen runner paired with unique china and paper ornaments will create a subtle and warm arrangement. Also think about making decorations yourself. Dried flowers or pompoms will give the decoration an individual touch.

Dekoracje w stylu boho sprawdzą się także na wigilijnym stole

Decorations in boho style will also work well on the Christmas Eve table

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Christmas in Hampton

Do you associate Hampton style only with nautical references and holiday atmosphere? It's a mistake! Whites, blues and silver are the perfect colors to create a Christmas decoration. These colors blend perfectly with the winter palette. On the other hand, luxurious materials inherent in Hampton style will create a beautiful background for Christmas decorations.

Biel, błękit i srebro to idealne kolory do stworzenia dekoracji wigilijnego stołu Wybierz luksusowe materiały i dodatki

Choose luxurious materials and accessories

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If you don't feel confident in creating Christmas decorations, choose one color. Such arrangements look modern and elegant yet they are easy to make. Classic Christmas red, deep navy blue or elegant green will work perfectly for this. You can also display gold cutlery or christmas ornaments on a uniform background, without worrying that the whole thing will look ostentatious.

Jednokolorowe aranżacje stołu są eleganckie i łatwe do wykonania

One-color table arrangements are elegant and easy to do

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Warm pink

Want to move away from the classic Christmas color palette? Opt for shades of pink. Use pink ornaments, which can become not only a decoration on the tree, but also a great addition to the table decorations. Crystal glass also goes well with this color scheme.

Wykorzystaj bombki do stworzenia dekoracji stołu Odejdź od klasycznej świątecznej palety kolorystycznej na rzecz różu

Depart from the classic Christmas color palette in favor of pink

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Scandinavian Christmas

The Scandinavian style so loved by Poles will also work well when composing the Christmas Eve table. The main theme? Simplicity! Combine a uniform tablecloth with minimalist candlesticks made of frosted glass or metal. Candles in neutral colors will add warmth and create a cozy atmosphere. Don't forget about plants. A living garland of spruce, eucalyptus or fir branches should take center stage on the table.

Aranżacja stołu w stylu skandynawskim powinna być minimalistyczna

Scandinavian style table arrangement should be minimalist

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Sweet Christmas

Christmas sweets can please not only our palate, but also our eyes. A table setting as pink as landrines and as sweet as marzipan will create a unique atmosphere during Christmas gatherings. Such an arrangement will especially appeal to the little ones. Use Christmas tree decorations of the most fanciful shapes and colors, such as candy or gingerbread. Match them with white tableware and original candlesticks.

Bombki w kształcie słodyczy to doskonała dekoracja wigilijnego stołu Najmłodszym z pewnością spodobają się „piernikowe” świeczniki

Candy-shaped ornaments are the perfect decoration for the Christmas Eve table

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Glamor style table

Christmas is the perfect time to introduce a touch of luxury. A harmonious combination of white and gold is an accomplished choice for the Christmas Eve table. Complement the ornate crystals with gold cutlery and plates with a beautiful design. Don't forget flowers and lights, too.

Święta to idealna okazja do wprowadzenia odrobiny luksusu do wnętrza

Christmas is the perfect opportunity to bring a touch of luxury into the interior

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Are you decorating your interior? We have more inspiration for you!


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