Interior decorated with concrete

18 of November '22

Concrete is most often associated with modern, cool industrial-style arrangements, but as the KODO studio project shows, when subjected to design deconstruction it becomes a graceful decorative material. Concrete surrounded by the right company, perfectly fulfills the decorative function in minimalist, but warm and cozy interiors.




The key idea for the arrangement of the 100-square-meter Wroclaw apartment was to create a modern and minimalist interior, based on shades of gray liked by the owners. Concrete and variations around its appearance and structure were chosen as the main theme. It threads its way through various surfaces in all rooms of the premises.




Its most important function is in the living area, where concrete slabs are clad on the entire wall of the living room and the working alcove in the kitchen. It corresponds with such interior elements as the graphite lining of the kitchen island and furniture equipment maintained in a similar range of colors. The leitmotif is also repeated in the hallway and bedroom, where wallpaper with a concrete motif was used to cover the wall behind the bed. Concrete is also present in the bathroom, where large slabs have replaced traditional tiles.


Dining room


The raw base created in this way has been complemented with warm shades of wood - light-colored floors and slightly more expressive living room furniture, as well as bedroom and bathroom furnishings. An interesting element is theminibaradjacent to the sofa. Also worth noting is the dedicated, functional installation around the bed. The apartment also features a lot of white. This color is a counterbalance to the austere grays. In the lobby, a seat upholstered with gray fabric integrated into a large closet cabinet draws attention.




The result is an elegant, economical in expression, almost austere composition of subdued colors and structured materials, which is a perfect universal base, ready to be supplemented in any way, according to the will and mood of the residents.

Druga łazienka

Second bathroom


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