Deep navy blue and warm beige in the interior of a Poznań's apartment

20 of April '23

AMJ studio is responsible for the design of the apartment. Adam Jankowski and Kamil Paszek 's goal was to create a modern, functional, yet cozy space.

Stalowy regał oddziela strefę wejściową od części dziennej

A steel bookcase separates the entrance area from the living area

© AMJ studio

Clever storage

The color palette of the presented interior is a combination of deep navy blue and warm beige. The whole is complemented by broken white, anthracite accessories and natural wood. The kitchenette together with the living room provides an open living space. A priority for the developer was to create plenty of storage space in the apartment. This was achieved through numerous built-in furniture units. They were made to measure. The layout of the apartment did not allow for a large closet in the entrance area, so it was hidden in the side of the kitchen development. This solution provides functionality without taking up valuable space.

Aneks kuchenny otwarty na salon Szafa ukryta w zabudowie kuchnnej

Closet hidden in the kitchen development

© AMJ studio

Characteristic division

In the living room there is a capacious closet, which forms a coherent whole with the RTV cabinet. Finishing the wall with a furniture board warms and binds the space. In addition, a characteristic detail in the form of a spacious steel bookcase separates the entrance area from the living area.

Rzut architektoniczny

Architectural plan

© AMJ studio

Cohesive bathroom

The bathroom was designed coherently with the other zones of the apartment. This was achieved by maintaining a distinctive color palette and accessories. We can find here, among others, a shower with a walk-in cabin. Noteworthy is a large mirror that optically enlarges the space.

Łazienka również została urządzona w kolorze granatowym Minimalistyczne szafki w łazience

The bathroom has also been decorated in navy blue.

© AMJ studio

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