Open shower stall - a flexible solution for any bathroom

06 of July '22

Open shower enclosures are synonymous with modern bathroom design and a functional solution that will work in any bathroom.

Odpływ liniowy pod płytki

An open shower enclosure allows you to create a visually attractive space without unnecessary divisions


What is a walk-in shower enclosure?

An open shower enclosure is a solution without traditional doors. Most often it is enclosed on one side only, although there are also models consisting of two or three panes of glass. A walk-in shower is best equipped with a sub-tiled shower tray with a linear drain. This makes the shower tray look the same as the rest of the bathroom floor. This guarantees exceptional bathing comfort, and also allows you to create a visually attractive space without unnecessary divisions. Such a solution will look particularly impressive in large, modern bathrooms. However, the glass wall can also separate the zones of the bathroom. A huge advantage of open showers is that they are much less fail-safe. The absence of gaskets, guides or moving parts makes them easier to maintain and clean.

Kabina walk-in

A walk-in shower will look beautiful in modern interiors


Installation of an open shower enclosure

One disadvantage of a walk-in shower is that you need to plan its installation in advance. Due to the lack of a shower tray, you need to level the floors and floors properly. This will allow the water to flow freely. For this we need about 1.5 centimeters of slope. We can choose between a point drain or a linear drain. They are installed below the level of the screed. At the next stage, the slope hides behind the tiles. It is also important to remember about proper ventilation. If the shower is located against the wall, the sheet of glass is fixed to it with the help of brackets guided by the top. We ourselves choose the size of such a shower. This makes it ideal for attic bathrooms or small rooms. The walls of such a cabin can have dimensions as small as 70-80 cm.

Otwarta kabina prysznicowa

An open shower cabin gives us great arrangement possibilities


Comfortable and safe

Walk-in cabins are ideal for multi-generational homes. The lack of a shower tray and door makes it much easier for children and the elderly to use such a shower. This is because they do not cause problems with entering the bathing area. A safety shower can also be equipped with a folding chair and special handles. This is also a good solution for people with disabilities. The open shower stalls can even be accessed by a wheelchair.

Szklana ścianka może wydzielać strefy łazienki

A glass wall can separate areas of the bathroom

Photo by Hemant Kanojiya © UNSPLASH

Universal design

In what bathroom arrangements will an open shower enclosure work? Due to the high degree of freedom in the selection of elements, the appearance of these cabins fits into any interior styling. In an open shower cabin, transparent glass is most often used. This allows it to be almost invisible, making the bathroom appear more spacious. This is a perfect choice for modern arrangements that focus on minimalism. However, manufacturers also offer designs with semi-transparent satin glass. We can freely finish the walk-in shower with mosaic or large ceramic tiles. For example, in boho style we can use tiles imitating wooden panels. We are limited only by our imagination.

Elaboration: Katarzyna Szostak

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