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Single-storey 3 - modern single-storey house with large covered terrace

Project of a modern single-storey house with a flat roof. The house is characterized by a simple and compact body differentiated only by a chimney and arcades - entrance and terrace. The modernity of the form is emphasized by large glazings.

Project authors: arch. Krzysztof Borowski, arch. Piotr Rynkiewicz

Parterowy 3 - front

One-story 3 - front


The interior layout includes a clear division along the main axis of the building into an open living area and bedrooms. "Parterowy 3" is an energy-efficient design that includes mechanical ventilation and underfloor heating as standard.

Parterowy 3 - salon

First floor 3 - living room


Advantages of the project:

  • definitely modern, minimalist form
  • clear and convenient functional layout without unnecessary communication space
  • full program of rooms on a small floor space
  • modern open interior combining kitchen, dining room and living room, illuminated by a panoramic window gives the impression of a much larger one
  • large kitchen with an island connected by a single corridor with a pantry, utility room and garage
  • in the private part, a separate area of the parents' bedroom with a dressing room and a separate bathroom
  • an additional room serving as a study or guest room
  • comfortable children's rooms with closets and their own bathroom
  • spacious two-car garage
  • large covered terrace
  • energy-saving design

Parterowy 3 - jadalnia i kuchnia

First floor 3 - dining room and kitchen


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