Bedroom and bathroom arrangements full of rhythm

18 of April '23

We have previously presented the living room and kitchen in the apartment of an athlete couple. Today we look at the bathroom and bedroom by PRW Design.

Tapeta z motywem liści plamowych

Wallpaper with leaf motif

Photo: Kamila Markiewicz-Lubańska Styling: Maria Bartoszewska

Fruitful cooperation

The project met the high requirements of the investors.

- The apartment is just as we wanted, from A to Z. Beautiful as from a catalog, but created from our needs and tastes. We love this place in every way, and it reminds us of that every time we cross the threshold - says the owner.

Katarzyna Skonieczko, chief designer, speaks in a similar manner.

- Thanks to the investors' trust, we felt freedom not only in the design process, but also at the stage of execution work. This made it much easier for us to create a functional and beautiful space that meets the needs of the apartment owners - says the architect of the PRW Design studio.

Szafki łazienkowe schowane zostały za lustrami

Bathroom cabinets were hidden behind mirrors

Photo: Kamila Markiewicz-Lubańska Styling: Maria Bartoszewska

Rhythmic serenity

The design of the bedroom is marked by characteristic rhythms: freely waving curtains and steady grooves introduced on part of the wall.

- In this most private of the apartment's rooms, we were particularly keen to combine modern elegance with exceptional coziness - the designer recalls.

The designers' proposal, which was eagerly accepted by the investors, is a distinct color combination of a strong black wall and a soft, fluffy carpet and curtains in a shade of powder pink. Halfway between these two worlds sits a wide, comfortable upholstered bed in dark gray upholstery. Opposite the bed is a very capacious closet. With its minimalist, handleless fronts and soft, silvery color scheme, it blends in with the walls. As a result, it does not overwhelm the interior. What's more, the room optically opens up to additional space thanks to a large mirror placed next to the closet.

Sypialnia w odcieniach różu i szarości

Bedroom in shades of pink and gray

Photo: Kamila Markiewicz-Lubańska Styling: Maria Bartoszewska

Jungle with a hint of geometry

The investors had a clear vision of what the bathroom should look like.

- I asked for the toilet to be adapted into a utility room with space for a dryer and washing machine, as well as shelves - the owner recalls.

As a result, the bathroom will contain only items for hygiene.

- We wanted a bathtub that allows for long baths, and at the same time free use of the shower - the investor continues.

The bathtub, which is long for the entire width of the room, was therefore supplied by the designers with a practical glass screen. The second important issue was to find storage space in the interior. The architects opted for a proven solution. They placed spacious cabinets above the sink and covered them with mirror fronts. This makes the bathroom seem optically larger. The main decorative element of the bathroom is wallpaper with a jungle motif. The pattern of palm leaves balances and softens the expressive geometric patterns appearing in the interior.

Dominującym kolorem w łazience jest szarość W łazience znajduje się wanna z parawanem

The bathroom features a bathtub with a screen

Photo: Kamila Markiewicz-Lubańska Styling: Maria Bartoszewska

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