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01 of November '21

Production and customer service on a global scale

Continuous development and a string of successes have led Eko-Okna to hold the title of Europe's largest window manufacturer. The production facilities are located in Kornice. The halls, warehouses and parking lots here cover an area of more than 200,000square meters.

 Eko-Okna dysponują
powierzchnią produkcyjną rzędu prawie 200 tys. m2 © EKO-OKNA

Eko-Okna has a production area of almost 200 thousandsqm .


Another seventh production and warehouse hall will soon be put into operation, which will be almost fully dedicated to the production of wooden joinery. The company has also bought a large site in Wodzislaw Slaski, where it plans to develop its production.

In addition to the aforementioned windows, Kornice manufactures doors, sliding doors, roller shutters, mosquito nets, facade blinds, garage doors, and property fences. This is an extremely wide range that no other manufacturer can boast. Insulated glass and other components necessary for the production of joinery are also made here.

Eko-Okna oferują
rozwiązania zarówno do domów jak i budynków użyteczności publicznej © EKO-OKNA

Eko-Okna offers solutions for both homes
as well as public buildings


- We act in a comprehensive way. We want the customer to be able to order from us everything they need for their investment. Cooperation with one supplier is an obvious convenience and measurable savings.One supplier means one negotiation process, compatibility of solutions

- says Iwona Muszyńska, Commercial Director of Eko-Okna S.A.

Running so many production branches is not easy
and requires skillful management of logistics processes. Where does success lie?

- We employ more than 7,500 people. That's a whole cross-section of professional groups, from sales specialists to production workers, office workers and drivers. They are all specialists in their field. Everyone knows what to do and does it perfectly. It is thanks to people that the company runs like a well-oiled machine

- adds Iwona Muszyńska.

 Duże przeszklenia
doskonale doświetlają pomieszczenia zachowując przy tym bardzo dobre parametry cieplne © EKO-OKNA

Large glazings perfectly illuminate rooms
while maintaining very good thermal parameters


Of course, the most important thing for the user is the quality of the product. Here, in addition to experience , the components used by the manufacturer are not without significance. Eko-Okna cooperates only with brand-name, proven suppliers. It also has the most modern machinery in Europe. As a result, it gives the customer high-end products that serve for many years.

Without a doubt, the company's trademark are its trucks, which can be spotted on the roads of almost all, European countries. Eko-Okna offers not only the transportation of the order, but also its unloading. All vehicles are equipped with a forklift, and drivers have the appropriate training to operate them.

Firma oferuje własny
transport i rozładunek zamówienia © EKO-OKNA

The company offers its own transportation and unloading of the order


Thus, the customer does not have to worry about renting a truck or hiring a team to unload the order. This is another tangible benefit of working with Eko-Okna.

It is worth noting that the manufacturer has at its disposal a not inconsiderable number of cars,
as today the fleet already consists of more than 444 cars. However, another 100 are planned for this year.

Eko-Okna dysponują
powierzchnią produkcyjną rzędu prawie 200 tys. m2 © EKO-OKNA

Eko-Okna has a production area of almost 200,000sqm .


Eko-Okna's windows, doors, blinds, gates and other products can be purchased through its sales network, which consists of thousands of showrooms around the world. Contact details for all the outlets can be found on the manufacturer's website under the "sales network" tab. Entrepreneurs who want to start cooperation are invited by the company to contact the sales department.

For more information, visit the company's EKO-OKNA S.A. page on the A&B portal.

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